The thirteen queens of All Stars Season 6 entered the werkroom to begin their quest for $100,000, a year’s worth of cosmetics and a place in the Drag Race Hall of Fame. The themes tonight were second chances and redemption. Everyone is ready to have their moment, to show the world who they are (and prove the world wrong from before) and to believe in themselves as we will surely believe in them!

The “gorgeous gaggle of glamazons” gagged briefly at the mention of a fourteenth queen, but that was visiting Miss Piggy, who reminded viewers of the very first elimination from season 1 of Drag Race—Victoria “Porkchop” Parker!

In the mini challenge, the library was open for a reading challenge, won by Ginger Minj. (Because reading is what? Fundamental.) The maxi challenge was an All Stars Star-Studded Variety Extravaganza with each queen showcasing her special talent. As Ross Mathews proclaimed about season 6, “Let’s get six-ening!” My standouts were Ra’Jah O’Hara, who sewed a dress in sixty seconds; Eureka, who had an image of her mother and the words “Stand Up and Come Together” projected onto her hoop skirt; and Scarlet Envy, who blew bubbles (a vanishing art)! The winner was Yara Sofia (whose boobs resembled those inflatable dancing guys outside the carwash), who lip synced against guest assassin and local favorite Coco Montrese.

Coco won and delivered the vote of the other queens and sent Serena ChaCha packing. Or did she? A “game within a game” is afoot and Serena and we want to know what it is!

In episode 2, the maxi challenge is a Blue Ball. The queens presented three looks: Blue Betta Work (blue collar working girl realness); Blue Jean Baby (denim) and Blue Ball Bonanza (made from scratch with oddball supplies). That’s a total of 36 looks! The winner of the challenge was Ra’Jah, who turnt an outfit made from a packing blanket into haute couture, sending Jiggly Caliente and last episode’s winner Yara Sofia to the bottom. (Props to Akeria C. Davenport for serving an ensemble made from blue plastic cups and a shower curtain. Ru noted that her cup size was 16 ounces.)  Ra’Jah lip-synced against the visiting Queen of the North (Canada, not Desert Hot Springs) Brooke Lynn Hytes to “Miss You Much” by Janet Jackson. The lip sync was proclaimed as iconic by Ru (and legendary by me), resulting in a tie. Alas, this was not to be Jiggly’s time and she was sent packing (but again, was she?) We’ll just have to find out!

So our burning questions, readers: what is the game within a game? Will friendships and relationships fall prey to cunning and strategy? What is trade? See you next week! In the meantime, get out and experience our fierce local drag scene! And look for Kylie Sonique Love in Miley Cyrus’ cover of Cher’s “Believe,” just out for Pride month!