Coachella Valley Coffee, a small, LGBTQ-owned and operated business, has been selected for Qurate Retail Group’s June Small Business Spotlight focusing on LGBTQ+ owned businesses during Pride Month.

The Small Business Spotlight is a collaboration between Qurate Retail Group, which owns QVC, HSN and Zulily, and the NRF Foundation, to help small businesses navigate today’s challenging retail environment. This phase of the program is highlighting 10 LGBTQ+ owned businesses across the United States as part of their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within its company and in society at large.

Qurate Retail Group, a multiplatform retailer that includes QVC, HSN, Zulily, and several other brands, is using its production resources, television broadcasts, and digital platforms to help Coachella Valley Coffee share its story with millions of consumers nationwide. Coachella Valley Coffee’s story began appearing on QVC’s and HSN’s websites and social pages in early June 2021, celebrating Pride Month across the country.

Zulily is promoting the campaign on its website, email, and social, and Coachella Valley Coffee can also tap Qurate Retail Group team members for advice on solving a business issue through a virtual mentoring initiative.

“Our small business works closely with many of our local LGBTQ+ community-based organizations by participating in events that benefit all of our communities,” said Cliff Young, founder and owner of Coachella Valley Coffee. “I am proud to be chosen to be highlighted for our work, and for having our Valley spotlighted on a national level.”

Coachella Valley Coffee offers various blends of coffees, with beans that are Ethically Sourced and obtained directly from farmers who treat their workers fairly. “These farmers are paid at least market rates for their product,” said Young. “If the coffees are not Rain Forest or Organic Certified, we work with the farmers to get them to that status within a few years so that their process is environmentally friendly, as well as giving them the opportunity to get a premium price for their crop. In addition, 80 percent of my coffees are from Women-Owned farms.”

Once back in the Coachella Valley, the beans are personally hand-roasted to perfection based on Young’s 26 years of experience in the coffee industry. “I have owned and operated numerous coffee houses and businesses, as well as traveled the world judging coffees and coffee competitions,” Yong continues. “I felt that sometimes quality control of the roasting process may have been lacking, so I now lead and control the entire process, starting with traveling to the coffee growing regions and visiting the farmers to ensure not only that I can get the top 2 percent of their crops, but that they are also fairly treating their workers. How these farmers treat their employees is generally indicative of the care they place in cultivating their product.”

Qurate Retail Group has a long tradition of helping small business owners and entrepreneurs launch and grow their brands through the incredible power of storytelling and shopping discovery. QVC, HSN, and Zulily provide compelling platforms, with unmatched reach, that enable small businesses to speak directly to millions of consumers in their homes.

About Coachella Valley Coffee

Since his first trip to a coffee farm, Cliff Young has strived to provide a quality product with beans obtained directly from the source. Over the years, Cliff has traveled the world judging coffees and coffee competitions. To be able to fully manage the quality of the coffees he provides, he leads and controls the entire process, starting with traveling to the coffee growing regions and visiting the farmers one-on-one and ensuring that he can get the top 2 percent of their crops. He also ensures the growing and harvesting process meets his expectations of fairness of workers.

Hand-roasting coffees to perfection based on his many years of experience and customer feedback, Cliff delivers a superior product that customers have grown to expect and enjoy.

An LGBTQ business owner headquartered in the Coachella Valley city of Palm Springs, California, Cliff is active in both the business community, as well as in the community in-general. A member of the Desert Business Association, the LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce on the Coachella Valley, he is also the only coffee roaster in the region certified by the NGLCC–the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

No stranger to giving back to his community, Cliff and Coachella Valley Coffee also has a program called “Warming Souls” where profits from any of the collateral merchandise that is purchased on their website is dedicated to paying for a laundry service program for the local homeless community. On two or three Sundays each month, Cliff can be found at a local laundromat doing laundry for local homeless individuals, in addition to providing them with a daily hygiene kit, a pair of new warm socks, and coats or sleeping bags if needed.

To learn more about Cliff Young and Coachella Valley Coffee, and to order yours online directly to your home, visit