On the road to Los Angeles from San Francisco in AIDS Lifecycle 2009.

Vic Yepello has been a Palm Springs resident since 2005.  He moved here at a time in his life when a change was necessary to get away from a high-pressure job and the weather back in Philadelphia. That proved to be the right decision in so many ways. Coming to Palm Springs began a new chapter in his life like never before.

Vic obtained his Real Estate license in February of 2006 working hard to establish a name and trade.  In 2010, he began a business partnership with Ron Jesser. Together, they have enjoyed much success in helping their clients achieve their goals of buying, selling and investing in Real Estate across the desert communities.  To them, they believe an agent should not disappear after Escrow.

Vic also works as a city commissioner on the Palm Springs Sustainability Commission.  He co-chairs the Non-Motorized Transportation Subcommittee; he has worked on the water conservation task force and takes part in many other community activities.


Vic and his husband Jared Mabie

When not doing any of the above, Vic can be seen around town quite often on his bike enjoying the scenic beauty of the desert.  He has used his bike to raise money for his favorite charity, AIDS Lifecycle, because giving back is a part of what he does everyday.

As Vic says: “If you want to learn about the city, it’s best done on two wheels!”

Vic says, “PS I love you because…”

  1. …I feel so very much at home in Palm Springs. Its why I moved here 10 years ago and why I have set the deepest roots here of any place I’ve ever lived. The fact that anyone, no matter who they love, can feel comfortable here in their own skin makes this an ideal place to call home.  I met my husband here 4 years ago. We married soon after the fall of Prop 8 and now we enjoy our Palm Springs lifestyle together in every way.
  2. …I enjoy working with the City of Palm Springs. In my capacity of Commissioner on the Palm Springs Sustainability Commission, I get to work on things that matter to me but more importantly, they matter to the citizens of this community. The work I do on the Non-Motorized Transportation Subcommittee is very rewarding because I’m and avid cyclist and because I can ride around the city and see the fruits of our work knowing we’ve made cycling safer for everyone.  
  3. …I have so many friends and connections from all walks of life in Palm Springs.  By organizing one of the first Facebook Groups (Palm Springs Neighborhoods Group) that focused on community, I’ve come to know so many truly wonderful and generous people in the city. And our related Food Group aka Palm Springs Eating and Living, has been a fun experience too. That group, because of the Garden Party we put on twice a year, is fast becoming a good source of charity donations. Last year we raised over $2000.00 for the local Food Bank.
  4. …I LOVE my work here as a Realtor. Since starting with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, my career has taken off in so many ways and I’ve met some of the most wonderful people in the business today.  I’m truly thankful for all of it and enjoy my work in every way.
  5. …I love the weather!!  Yes, I moved here for the community but I also moved here because of the weather.  I love the mild winters of course but I also love the heat and the long desert summer days.  Palm Springs is a mecca for out door activities of all sorts.  And then there are the events, happening all year long, that make this city the most fun and interesting place to live on this planet.

In conclusion Vic explains, “I have truly fallen in love with Palm Springs; that has never happened in any other city in which I've lived (and there have been quite a few).  My main desire is to be a part of its new renaissance that will prepare it to be a leader in fun, lifestyle and tourism in the 21st century.”

Wow, Vic…I knew some of what you've been up to, but not all this!  Thank you for all you do.  It's no wonder we love you too!


Nicholas Snow


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