George Nasci-Sinatra was born and raised in Pittsburgh.  He began his Career in New York as an executive with Macy’s, and relocated in 1992 to Washington, DC where he lived until 2004.

George first arrived on the Golden Coast of California in 2004, where he worked as a manager for Procter and Gamble Corporation for 8 years.  But, as for so many in this generous community, he then realized his calling and the need to be a voice for those who may not otherwise have one of their own.

George found himself at the Blind Children's Center of Los Angeles, a non-profit organization available to blind and partially sighted children regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, religion, or ability to pay. Founded in 1938, the Center is a project of the Southern California Delta Gammas, operating without state or federal assistance. George as the Development Coordinator was successful in raising over a million dollars on behalf of the organization.

George has been a resident of Palm Springs since 2010, and is thrilled to report he has truly found his roots here in our desert.

“I started as a weekender here in Palm Springs…I then realized that my bliss could only be found living full time in Palm Springs among the mountains, stars, and small town feel of this vibrant city,” explained George.  “I volunteered in Palm springs with different animal rescues, setting up and working weekly adoption events.  This is how I was introduced to the many amazing nonprofits throughout the Coachella valley.”

He continued, “My Neighbor Philomena, would bring me the monthly program guide from Mizell Senior Center and even invited me to go with her to listen to the music jam sessions on Wednesday and Friday. We had amazing lunches with her friends.  I just knew this was the place for me, and I pursued employment, and was lucky to find that a position in development was open.  I met with the Directors and Board of Directors.  Needless to say I was hooked and couldn't wait to put my talents in special events and development to work for Mizell Senior Center and Meals On Wheels Coachella Valley.”

George says, “PS I love you because…”

  1. We are a city of Dog Lovers.  And in the words of Frank, “I only have eyes for you”.  I am the very proud parent of Luigi and Gioia who also love living in Palm Springs!  You may find the three of us taking a casual stroll around the neighborhood, visiting with many of our four-legged friends, or just checking out how cool the mountains may look each day.  We also love that we can just hang at many of the fine restaurants or shop at many of the wonderful boutiques that call Palm Springs home!
  2. From my first visit to the desert I knew this was the place for me! “It had to be you”, Palm Springs!   My life in Palm Springs has been the greatest gift I have ever been given.  I have the most wonderful friends, that are actually family and I work with the most amazing, caring and loving people in the world.
  3. The Palm Springs Community – “I get a kick out of you!”  Working in nonprofit  for Mizell Senior Center has brought the most wonderful people into my life that inspire me daily to be the best that I can be and to make the desert the BEST place for everyone that calls Coachella Valley Home!
  4. You offer endless possibilities – “You Make me Feel so young!”  Who could ever feel alone or be board in Palm Springs with all that the city has to offer.  We have Music, Film, Art, Nature, Food and most exciting thing is our Sustainable City
  5. And it is a Dry Heat – in the words of Frank, “Summer Wind,  The summer wind, came blowin' in!” And it’s a Dry Heat.(Repeat this every hour from July 1 through September 30th)

George concluded, “There is no looking back, only forward to many more years of amazing times in my hometown, Palm Springs!”

And we're so lucky to have you for so many reasons, George, including the fact that you're adorable.  Muah!


Nicholas Snow

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