Get Tested Coachella Valley, a regional public health campaign dedicated to ending the spread of HIV, will recognize its most influential, passionate and top-performing digital advocates at the 1st Annual YesGTCV Social Ambassador Awards, to be held on Twitter on June 1st from 6 – 7 p.m. PST.

A first for public health campaigns, the online awards ceremony will reward Get Tested Coachella Valley’s most active online influencers for breaking down stigma, spreading awareness and educating their peers about the importance of HIV testing as Social Ambassadors for YesGTCV, the campaign’s digital advocacy program. Some awards include: Best Facebook Friend, Early Influencer, Most Twitterific, MVP, and Rising Star.

“The H in HIV stands for Human, so it makes sense for us to empower passionate people to use their own voices in carrying our message across the social web,” says Karyn Cooks, Social Media Strategist for Get Tested Coachella Valley. “Their personal connections to the HIV story vary – but each brings an authenticity to the program that’s irreplaceable. We’re excited to shine a spotlight on this dedicated group of Social Ambassadors.”

The YesGTCV Social Ambassador program was launched in Fall 2014. It uses a software platform designed by Dynamic Signal that strategically empowers a community of digital advocates to engage and influence their peers. By providing Social Ambassadors with a steady stream of campaign- and user-created content through the Dynamic Signal platform, Get Tested Coachella Valley has seen its organic reach amplified 3-4x across social channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

“One of the driving forces behind the creation of Dynamic Signal was making it easy for people to curate, deliver and socially share information online that they're passionate about, ” says Pavey Purewal, Chief Marketing officer at Dynamic Signal. “The Get Tested Coachella Valley campaign is a perfect case study of the power of combining digital influencers, a compelling mission, and the tools to amplify an important message. We applaud the YesGTCV team for their commitment to supporting and publicly-recognizing their top Social Ambassadors in such a fun way.”

The awards program will be a special edition of the campaign’s monthly #HIVChat, a monthly Twitter chat hosted by Get Tested Coachella Valley that adds topical value to the Twitterverse by covering subjects such as HIV prevention, testing, and treatment.

The public is invited to join the 1st Annual YesGTCV Social Ambassador Awards by using the #HIVChat hashtag on Twitter on June 1st at 6 p.m. PST.