“Can I Call You (a cab) Jiggly” is gone, and Ra’Jah is singing hymns (or hers) of praise on her victory. Poor Ginger Minj is upset that she voted against her friend Jiggly. Politics, strategic voting, alliances—oh, that’s the New York City mayoral election! They should have used lipstick ballots!

Ru declares that “it do take skills to pay the bills” so the maxi-challenge is to write and star in a commercial that sells a sickening side hustle. The queens line up by height and are divided into three teams. Team one is assigned a rent-a-queen service (so much for Queen for a Day*; now it’s by the hour!); team two is assigned drag fixers, a la Scandal; and team three gets drag exorcists.

*For you children, this 1960s TV show included women telling tales of hard times she had been through. The most busted would receive a crown and a helpful product. Sound familiar?

The runway theme is Ru-demption Runway where the queens have to elevate a look from a previous season. After the judges’ critiques, the Fixers are declared the winner and an emotional Trinity K. Bonet the top All Star. The Exor-size team is safe, leaving the entire Rent-a-Queen team (Ginger, Jan, Akeria and Silky) at the bottom. (Yes, four bottoms and a top, a ratio which we understand.) You could say they came up short.

And we learned a new word this week: testicle-monials!

Trinity is pitted against assassin Laganja Estranja (appearing locally at Chill Bar’s Sassy Sundays).  She’s here to deliver shows, stunts and shenanigans and totally slays Physical by Dua Lipa. She pulls the dread lipstick from her bosom and that’s the shocking end for Silky Nutmeg Ganache. But as she reminds us, it ain’t over til the fat lady sings and she’s just warming up! And of course we’ll see her again. Happy Fourth everyone and see you next week with episode four!