Hold on to your fascinators because tonight’s episode is one of the best in Drag Race herstory! Where shall we begin? At the beginning, of course.
Each week, as we recall. a queen was eliminated, only to discover there was a mysterious “game within a game” lurking around. Well, it turns out the game was being played each week! Starting with the second elimination (Jiggly Caliente), that queen would lip-sync against the queen eliminated from the previous episode (Serena ChaCha). The winner would face the eliminated queen in the next episode, and down the line it went.
The “game within a game” is titled RuPaul’s Secret Redemption Lip Sync Smackdown. Carson Kressley announces the competitors “ringside” and the smackdowns begin. As Ra’Jah realizes, “I should have read the contract a little bit more!” It’s a fabulous twist, making for a night of all great lip syncs.
In Smackdown #1, Jiggly defeats Serena to “Free Your Mind” by En Vogue. In #2, Jiggly faces the Reverend Doctor Silky Nutmeg Ganache (“two fat b**ches in f**king leopard prints,” as Jiggly notes). They lip sync to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Silky nails the win by pulling out a glass, bag of ice, mixer and booze from her bosom and making a cocktail! Epic.
Silky moves on to face the wild and crazy Yara Sofia, who either is playing air guitar on her coochie or has an itch. Silky wins again, and then faces Scarlet Envy. Performing to “Song for the Lonely” by Cher, Silky does a flagging routine that again sends her on in the competition.
In Smackdown #5, Silky is set to face A’Keria C. Davenport, but A’Keria has opted not to play the game. She doesn’t want to face the grief of losing again. (Hey, I keep dating!) Rather than just be sent ahead, Silky wants to perform alone to “Barbie Girl” by Aqua. She’s amazing: she’s Barbie on one side and Ken on the other. So basically two people did lip-sync!
Time for Smackdown #6 featuring Silky vs. Jan (who is getting a second Jance). Silky, who has clearly had time to develop clever stunts, uses a prop guitar to channel Pat Benatar singing “Heartbreaker” and dispatches poor Jan, who is so not amused.
Silky makes it six in a row when she defeats Pandora Boxx, leaving only Eureka as her remaining obstacle to rejoining the top queens (who have been watching all of this on a tv screen). Performing to “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson, Silky opts to tell the story of her mother’s dramatic weight loss by wearing a parachute that will reveal a body suit underneath. Alas, it doesn’t happen and Silky is forced to complete the routine with a parachute hanging off her leg. Not a good lewk.
And the winner is….. we don’t know yet! We will find out next week. Did Silky survive the wardrobe disaster? Did Eureka sufficiently slay? You’ll just have to read next week’s recap to find out!
Kudos to Ru for a great new premise filled with unexpected twists and turns. Silky’s relentless march towards victory was legendary and a joy to experience. She TURNT it out! See you next Friday!
– –
Favorite comments:
“I love a costume that doubles as a car wash!” – Ginger Minj, referring to a Silky outfit.
“That shoe came from the Ginger Minj Collection!” – Ra’Jah calling out Silky for wearing flats.