“You may not realize it, but when you watch the film entry from Neal Suresh Mulani in the upcoming Palm Springs International ShortFest, you’re actually getting to know a part of him.

What you watch may not be exactly drawn word for word from Mulani and his life experiences, but the emotional connection to the material is very real and the questions that they create about who he is are some he has given great thought to confronting.

“Film has always been a way for me to better understand myself and the emotions I feel and the experiences that I go through when I can’t really make sense of them,” says Mulani, a Boston native who is a recent graduate of the Film and TV Production program at the University of Southern California. “Film has such a power to depict things experientially that I don’t think you get in other mediums. Just that it gives you the avenue to experience things so deeply and viscerally that sure, music and theater and television sort of satisfy in different ways, but yeah, I think that there’s something really, really unique about what film offers.”

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