RPDR AS7 E6 04

Raja finally got a Legendary Legend star! She’d probably have a wider smile except for Botox. These queens are pulled tighter than a drum! But she’s in it to win it so watch out! Vivienne enters with the plunger and tells everyone that Nancy Pelosi is preparing the papers to have them all deported (presumably to DragCon UK next January!).

Raja and Jinkx Monsoon confer on possible choices for gifting their highly-desired extra star. Raja would like to keep hers, but “like Joan and Christina, you don’t get to keep all your birthday presents and have to give them to the orphans.” Jinkx adds that “mommy has to get hers before everyone else eats.” Such good mothers!

In the werkroom, Raja presents her second star to Yvie Oddly, the only queen without a star. Jinkx bestows hers upon Jaida Essence Hall. So, at this midway point in the competition, Jinkx and Jaida lead with two stars; everyone else has one. It’s tight!

For the maxi challenge, the queens will enter the time machine to go back to the year 2000. There, they will perform in a Y2K girl group fantasy inspired by MTV’s TRL (Total Request Live). They will divide into two groups singing two new songs: Together 4ever (not Rick Astley—that’s 1988) and the other Titanic (not Celine Dion—that’s 1997). I think the Y2K bug erased both of them!

The queens self-divide into two groups but not without fuss and bother. Jaida isn’t having it: “It’s so confusing! It’s like vers sex—someone just put something in somebody’s hole!” Monét, Shea, Trinity and Raja name their group MSTR (like Mister) with their first initials. They will perform “Titanic.” Jinkx, Jaida, Vivienne and Yvie will perform “Together Forever” as The Other Girls, those who didn’t make the cut with other girl groups.

The queens demo their vocal styles in a recording session with cuties Leland and Freddy, followed by choreo rehearsal. Jinkx is not impressed with MSTR’s take on Titanic. “Maybe on this Titanic, Rose would let go,” she cackles. Shade!

The next day is Runway Day in the werkroom. Raja leads the queens in group yoga (or just bending over) and everyone is brimming with confidence as the show is about to begin. The groups are introduced by Carson Gayly, played by the loveable Ross Mathews. I had to rewind the stream twice to determine if it was actually him. Only Ross could wear men’s clothes and look like a drag king! We get a bit of everything in the performances, including Britney, a robot that makes modem sounds, and a heartsick Justin Timberlake superfan. I declare Ross the winner!

The theme on the runway is “Night of 1000 Dolly Partons.” Monét wears a dress of many colors; Trinity’s in yellow fringe (“Dolly definitely wood”); Shea’s fringe is black and gold; Raja is “Jolene-ing” into her look, bedecked in glass beads, crystals and rhinestones; Viv is big, blue and busty; Jaida is a ray of sunshine in yellow; Jinkx puts the ho in hoedown; and Yvie rocks a white onesie.

But supreme props are given to Vivienne. She IS Dolly Parton. As in, you can’t tell the difference. The resemblance is uncanny. It’s an amazing feat that blows the judges (and me) away. It was blow the house down boots! Ross calls out Jaida’s poopy lyric “just like diarrhea we’ve exploded in love.” As he notes, “It may not be #1, but it could be #2!” That Ross is the shit!

The top two queens are Viv and Yvie. Viv gripes “Isn’t that just typical?” since she is blocked from receiving a star. Yvie has now popped into a two-star lead alongside Jaida and Jinkx. They lip sync to “Why’d You Come In Here Looking Like That” by Dolly Parton. It’s not even close because Dolly is literally singing the song! I’m knocked out again! Viv wins.

Armed with the feared plunger, Viv goes tit for tat and returns it to Jinkx. Was this a good idea? Based on next week’s preview, maybe not! So we’re officially halfway through the season. Lots of thrills and chills and spills to come. Stay tuned!!

Photo credits: Paramount+