Jim Applegate grew up in Kansas and Oklahoma, but spent most of his adult life in South Orange County (starting out in Laguna Beach).  He explains, “I was transferred to Dallas for two years, which turned out to be ten years, and moved back to California four years ago. I'm still a Country Boy at heart.”

Jim currently sells real estate for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Palm Springs.  He says, “I'm car-crazy; and have owned approximately 78 so far.”

Explains Jim Applegate, Mr. Palm Springs 2017, “While I was in Texas, I assisted my ex in training & showing horses in American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) events, and that's when the love of horses really got into my blood. I've seen many rodeos, but have only been involved for about a year. I have a couple of friends that are very active in the Greater Palm Springs Chapter, and they convinced me that I should join.”

“It's been a lot of fun,” he adds, “and I've enjoyed it very much. I'm the Volunteer Coordinator for this year's rodeo, so it's keeping me busy. I'm working with an excellent trainer (Julie Martindale) learning to run barrels, and I'm planning to buy a horse & to be able to compete in next year's rodeo.”

About the title competition, says Jim, “I was asked to consider running and decided to do it. There was a contest in which I had to answer questions pertaining to Rodeo history, not only on the local level, but state & international as well. Then, there was a talent portion, in which I sang Toby Keith's 'Who's Your Daddy?'”

“I feel very honored to have even been considered for Mr Hot Rodeo,” he continues, “and I'm excited about the coming year. I'll be working with the entire rodeo group to promote awareness of our local rodeo. You'd be surprised how many people say 'I wasn't aware that we had one.'  I feel it's very important for us to get the word out. At one time, there were 8 chapters in California. Now, there are 2, including Palm Springs. I used to have a lot of fun attending the rodeos in Los Angeles & San Diego. They're both gone.”

But of course, he loves the Palm Springs Rodeo, and he says…

#ILoveGayPalmSprings because:

  1. Of the obvious natural beauty. One of my favorite times of the Jim Applegateday is after the sun has dropped, and the mountains appear to be back-lit with an electric blue glow. There's something very peaceful, yet breathtaking about that. 
  2. Of the friendly people. I believe part of that is due to the low-stress lifestyle of most residents, and part is due to visitors being in 'vacation mode'. It's very gay-friendly, and we rarely have to worry about the threats or discrimination, which still happens too frequently in other parts of the country. 
  3. It's a perfect place to search for, and appreciate, classic cars. You can frequently see beautiful examples driving around town. And the best part…we don't have to worry about rust!
  4. Of the proximity to a huge variety of different places. In just a couple of hours, you can be relaxing at the beach, immersed in the big city life of San Diego or Los Angeles, or enjoying a mountain getaway in Big Bear or Idyllwild. 
  5. We have the BEST Association in the country! We don't require that you have a horse…just an interest; so come on out join us!

Congratulations, Jim on your honor, and thank you for stepping up in support of the fabulous Palm Springs Rodeo (almost as hot as you are!).

By the way, peeps, Jim is single, so get your butt to the rodeo!


Nicholas Snow

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