Reasearch has revealed, “Zane Rhys (pictured above), originally from Happy, Texas (yes, such a place exists) and now living in Palm Springs, California is a self-taught artist, specializing in pencil on paper. In the mid 1980s thru the early 1990s he illustrated adult BDSM stories in a series of magazines published for the infamous Larry Townsend, (1930 – 2008) the pseudonymous author of dozens of books including Run Little Leather Boy (1970) and The Leatherman’s Handbook (1972). The Leatherman's Handbook was the first book to publicize BDSM to the general public – it was a paperback book widely available on newsstands and at bookstores throughout the United States.

He has done multiple private commissions from photographs, rendering photo realistic drawings in pencil-on-paper, and has shown his work in Seattle Wa., Portland Or., Los Angeles and Palm Springs CA. Zane served on the Streetbar Artwall Project from 2003-2008, a grass roots organization promoting local artists and  fundraising for The AIDS Assistance Program in the Coachella Valley. He lives with his partner, artist and collaborator David Farnsworth (pictured below).

Zane (right) and his partner, David Farnsworth, in Rome.

A long time collector of vintage books, jewelry, art and household objects, Zane sells vintage collectibles as well as found and repurposed treasures on his online store The Dancing Faun Emporium. He is an avid gardener, with a strong interest and constant pursuit of a greener, more sustainable earth lifestyle.”

Zane says, “PS I love you because…”

  1. …when it rains here and settles the dust, the smell of earthy wetness fills the air and then, overnight, the mountains and flat lands begin to bloom, like magic, with a carpet of wildflowers.
  2. …because living here has given David and I an opportunity to create friendships and family with people whose lives we may never have otherwise crossed on this adventure.
  3. …of the early morning, when the only sound outside our window are the birds greeting a new day, at dusk when the bats dart frantically across the sky chasing insects and finally late evening when the coyotes sing their wild and playful songs across the desert landscape.
  4. for providing the bedrock on which my husband David and I have landed, and built the foundation of a happy home and a strong and loving marriage (see the fab photo of the two of them below).
  5. …for being the destination that our friends and family who live outside the parameters of this magic place are drawn to year after year, to share with us and our friends, the wonderful gifts that make Palm Springs so unique and enchanting.

Zane, thanks so much for sharing a piece of yourself with me and the readers of  Yet another fascinating person among us!


Nicholas Snow

Read about Zane's husband, David, here.

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