The Art of Living Well
By Dann Foley
This month at The Standard we are celebrating a summer of Arts & Entertainment.  Frankly, I could not have chosen a better editorial theme for the month myself!   It is like a gift to me because I love entertaining!  Summer entraining is really one of my favorite things because I love showing my clients and friends how to be casual and still sophisticated.  
At Dann Inc. we are always finishing up or installing projects we have been working on all year in time for summer.  And what is the first thing someone wants to do after redecorating?  They want to have a party to share it all with friends and loved ones.  I have planned more housewarming parties than I care to remember.  Making sure each is memorable, fun, relaxing and delicious is key.  To get it right I like to entice all of the senses and a great mix of personalities.  Even the most humble of BBQ’s can be orchestrated.
So, how do you throw the perfect house party?  You must know by now that I am here to share my best tips and tricks to ensure you are the perfect host/hostess.  I promise you this; it is easier than it looks.  Here are some of my surefire elements and go-to details that have worked wonders for me at reveal parties and will make you a star of your own!
Coordinate the invitation with the feeling of the home/theme of the party.  I like to choose a color theme to begin.  The invitation is a sneak peak into the style of the event.
Shop for fun, fully customizable invitations.  They even have magnetic invites for your guests to post on the refrigerator so they don’t forget the date!

If you are thinking Green try, for earth friendly online invitations that are also customizable and you can manage your guest list and responses all from one site. 

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