From: Jerry Fogelson

I want to share with you some information I found shocking—and perhaps you will, too.

At this moment, some 2,500 students in the Palm Springs Unified School District are classified as “homeless”.. living in a car or motel, crowded in with other families or literally on the streets.

Aside from the issues brought about by the lack of a permanent roof over their head, a great many of them – a huge number–need shoes.

You can’t attend school without shoes. If you’re wearing ill-fitting shoes that once belonged to an older brother or sister, you can’t play, or run an errand, or carry on the normal life of a young person.

We must solve this problem NOW. I am asking you to help by contributing what you can, as soon as possible, so we can quickly get these shoes.

The Fogelson Family Foundation will match up to $25,000 of the contributions.

For more than 50 years, our family has tried to help as many worthwhile organizations as we can. The problem in our immediate area is important—and it can be solved.

For more information, and to contribute, please contact:
The Foundation for Palm Springs Unified School District
By phone: 760.416.8455, or by email:
To donate online go to