Looking into the makeup mirror, the queens say goodbye to Alyssa Hunter and reflect on last week’s episode. Kerri Colby is not excited where’s she’s been in the competition despite slaying the lip sync in her green Versace. She is prepared to release the kraken and show us “Scary Kerri.” Boo!  I’m pre-frightened. 

Bosco is also in need of redemption.  She’s wearing her sparkle panties and tells us she has plenty of “cheeky sparkle” to give. You better twerk, girl! There are plenty of notable cheeks on display. And I’m here for it!

Ru enters the werkroom and there’s one queen missing. Where’s Kornbread? Sadly, she rolled her ankle in last week’s acting challenge and is instructed to be off her feet for six to eight weeks. She withdraws from the competition. The bakery is closed.  Importantly, Kornbread did not have the gold candy bar. I’m glad they addressed this detail! 

This week’s challenge first requires breaking the queens into three teams. Each must thrust her pelvis into a balloon placed at a Pit Crew member’s butt; when it pops, the confetti color will determine the teams. It’s hilarious (and hella sexy!). The highlight is when Jorgeous fails to pop the balloon after repeated thrusts. Kerri Colby says, “That little bitch ain’t topped nothing in her life!”  

This week’s maxi-challenge is to produce PSA’s for a charity whose mission is to support first-eliminated drag queens, who are “overloaded, underestimated and constipated.” Each team will focus on one queen:  Tempest DuJour (season 7),  Jaymes Mansfield (season 9) and Kahmora Hall (season 13). 

The PSA’s are meant to be funny, shady and not mean, so they focus on themes like Tempest’s age, the time it takes Kahmora to apply her makeup, and Jaymes’ inability to tumble (she messed up a cheerleading routine in her season). At the end of the PSA screening, Sarah MacLachlan pops up to say, “This is wrong on so many levels.” Perfect. 

Back in the werkroom, we learn that Jorgeous (who decides he needs to be “cutesier and ditzier” tonight) started doing “draggy things” at age 5 or 6 (he has receipts) and performed on stage at 16. He worked at McDonald’s to pay for his drag. And his family would come to see him! My heart melted. And it melted again later when he said he needed to “rememberize” his lines. 

Willow’s story is heart wrenching.  Her health is in serious decline and her muscles are atrophying.  She was born with stenosis, her older sister has it too, and Willow received a kidney transplant from her brother. Willow weeps that she should be in her prime; instead, her body is disintegrating. I never fail to marvel at these back stories. 

On the runway, the theme is “Spring has Sprung.”  I enjoyed Maddy under a rain cloud (Ross:  “Welcome to our reigning queen!); Willow’s “little house on the fairy” headwear; and Lady Camden’s tea party dress (“She’s spilling the tea!”). Ross Matthews complains that Orion Story is “a little flat.” He would have “settled for eggshell and was not asking for gloss.” Ru thus bestows the name Glossy Rossy on him! 

The winner of the episode is Bosco, which elevates her into contention for the crown with the exit of Kornbread.  It was likely very close with Lady Camden for the win. In the bottom are Orion Story and Jorgeous, lip syncing to guest judge Ava Max’s “My Head and my Heart.” Jorgeous kills it — she’s a lip sync assassin. And so our Michigan queen is eliminated for the second time without a gold bar to save her.  As Bianca del Rio might say to Glossy Rossy, “Not today, satin.” She’s finished. 

Until next week, glitter and be gay! Go out and paint the town. And dibs on Jorgeous!