Sanctuary Palm Springs(SPS) opens its doors as California’s first Transitional Housing Program/Foster Care (THP+FC) for LGBT young adults aged 18-21.

After a three-year journey to receive full state licensure, Sanctuary Palm Springs is taking applications for its first residents. This is an open enrollment period in which SPS Co-Founder David Rothmiller explains, “is a long awaited and critical moment for many LGBT young people in foster care. At last these very vulnerable kids will have a safe and supportive environment specifically designed to meet their needs.”

Under the aegis of California’s new legislation to further assist young people aging out of Foster Care, AB12 mandates additional Independent Living Skills training. Sanctuary Palm Springs goes far beyond this basic approach and has programs designed to incorporate its residents into the population of LGBT adults. Rothmiller points out, “Our residents may have lost their families, but they are already part of a larger LGBT family that awaits them.”

SPS Co-Founder LD Thompson explains, “Our Matched Mentor Program matches fully vetted adults with our residents. Studies show that mentored young people have a far better chance at success in life. And our kids, coming out of Foster Care, need that personal support. Whether it’s water color painting or auto mechanics, there are adults in our community ready to share their knowledge.”

Julie Siri, SPS Program Manager has wider reaching goals, “We would like to be a model for the country, so that Sanctuary Palm Springs and what it stands for can be duplicated all over this country. We need to have quality housing, quality mentorship for this population of young people.”

But first, SPS needs to get the word out to social workers, case managers and young LGBT people in Foster Care. Even after leaving the foster care system, AB12 allows young people to reenter and receive the additional support.

To contact Sanctuary Palm Springs for more information visit: click here or email Julie Siri: