Revry, the LGBTQ-first network will be airing and streaming programming with themes and stories that will make you feel like you’re at Coachella, just without the average attendance of 168,000 people, the expense and the hassle.

Revry’s counter-programming to Coachella includes watching “influencers” performing challenges for fame and fortune at the “Jücytox House,” friends making it work at an escort service in NYC, and “gay mean girls” trying to establish a “Gay Prom” are just some of the fun and drama that can be seen all from your own comfortable couch.

Revry inspires exploration of authentic stories by and for the LGBTQ community around the globe. The content speaks to the queer community and allies alike who are wanting real LGBTQ movies, series, news and music.

Stream all these LGBTQ-first titles and more with Revry on your Samsung TV, Roku, Vizio TV, Apple, Android, Comcast Xfinity and more.

Highlights from the three- day curated Revry couch streaming festival on April 15th, 16th and 17th include:

Strut – Friday, April 15th at 7:30pm PST – Eddie is a geeky adult film editor whose low self-confidence has turned her into a 26-year-old hermit. Her friends, Eva (an unemployed artist), Lucy (an intern), and Chandaleer (a trainwreck/fashion model) vow to save her from her unhealthy solitude. When the friends decide to start a high-end escorting agency to earn more money, Together they successfully navigate the adrenaline-fueled escorting industry with Eddie as their CEO and fellow sex worker. 

BIFL – An LGBTQ comedy with a lot of drama. Jill is a little in love with her best friend Chloe and a little terrified to say anything to her about it, even though their roommate When the gang’s New Year’s Eve party ends with one hook-up, one not-quite-hookup, and one not-quite-breakup, everyone is left re-examining what they thought they knew about themselves and each other.

The Influencers – Sunday, April 17th at 11am PST- This mockumentary series follows #instafamous influencers arrive at the “Jücytox House” where they are greeted by their glamorous host, Deandra Styles, who lays out the rules of the competition. What happens when you tell a bunch of self-obsessed, attention-hungry influencers you’re taking their phones away? Nothing good.

Gay Mean Girls – Sunday, April 17th at 12:15pm PST- Gay Mean Girls follows Lucy Kim, president of the prom committee who seeks to establish Gay Prom Royalty to impress her best friend Miranda, feminist, lesbian beauty guru on Youtube. In the midst of questioning her sexuality, Lucy struggles to fit in with the white gay community. Gay Mean Girls is a story about how relationships shift as we redefine ourselves.

About Revry
Revry is the LGBTQ-first streaming media network with over 5,000 titles on free live TV, movies, series, news and exclusive Original programming. Its mission is to inspire exploration of LGBTQ content for the community and allies. Revry is led by a diverse founding team with technology, digital media, and LGBTQ advocacy experience. Revry reaches millions of global viewers on connected TV, Smart TV, OTT and mobile platforms including SamsungVizioRokuAppleComcast Xfinity, Cox Communications, GoogleTiVo, and many others.