OH. MY. GOD.* You guys…Palm Springs totally has a new video arcade with like, totally AWESOME food.

Ok just writing that last sentence hurt a little bit.

Glitch, in the north end of Palm Springs, transformed a really interesting space that has not been occupied since it was Dinks in 2012 into a giant black box onto which you can project your favorite 80s fantasy. Imagine your rich friend’s basement, whose mom is cool and doesn’t mind if you drink—“As long as nobody drives”— or it would be if they still weren’t trying to get their liquor license. A clever person might make quick visit to the nearest dispensary, to “enhance the experience”, if you know what I mean. As of July 17th Glitch has added a beer, wine and Sake menu as well as a full bar**

This newly opened spot across the street from Toucan’s is fun to the max. Their schtick is either you can buy food or pay $10 for unlimited game play. As a kid I could go through a roll of quarters at the arcade quickly, so this is a pretty good deal. In addition to some bodacious, old-school video games like “Donkey Kong”, “Pack-Man” and “Centipede”—three of my nostalgic favorites—they also have giant Jenga, five pinball machines, and a bitchin’ air hockey table.

My new favorite game though is “Crazy Taxi”, or as we would call it now, first time Uber Driver. If you haven’t played this game before, you “drive” a taxi around the Streets of San Francisco picking up fares and it is Totally Rad!

I love that they have created little “vignette nooks” with bean bag chairs and 80s magazines on display. I only wish the vintage Atari worked. The servers are all in 1980s drag, and I would not be stunned to see them come out on roller skates. (Please note, waitstaff on roller skates is typically frowned upon, for good reason).

[the_ad id=”108065″]Although I really enjoyed my food, when I go back, I will most likely pay the $10 and just order a few snacks. The food is delightful, if a bit discordant with the atmosphere. Asian street food feels more reminiscent of the 2000s than 80s throw-back. But I grew up in a small town in Oregon so that may be more my history than anything else.

They are also looking to expand the number of games they have; I know they are on the lookout for a Ms. Pac-Man…keep your fingers crossed. They also have a lot of “shoot ‘em up” games which I have never really enjoyed and now feel a bit anachronistic given the times we live in.

Also bit out of time were the herbal infused Mocktails which range from $7.00-$9.00; they were very tasty and will certainly benefit from the addition of a little vodka to cut the sweetness. The Chill Pill with matcha and kava, said to promote relaxation, kept my fingers nimble enough to defend the earth from centipedes.

My favorite dish was the Drunken Noodles. Sweet and spicy, with bits of pork, calamari, and topped with a perfectly fried egg, this “large plate” was absolutely scrumptious. I also loved the Asian Chicken wings; a sticky Chinese 5 spice glaze next to a crisp carrot bean sprout salad were the “Power Pellets” I needed to get all the ghosts.

I was really psyched to try the Al Pastor Pork Bao. Think street taco in a steamed bun, succulent pork belly and spicy chorizo, and chicharrones with piquant pickled vegies and a side of neon shrimp chips. You’ll have all the energy you need to rescue the princess.


“I’ll be back” to Glitch for great snacks and a delightful evening.

*Please note Italicized words are meant to be said or yelled in your best 1980s voice.

**  Post updated July 17th Glitch has added a full bar as well as updated their menu. Additionally the you now pay $10 to enter (or $8 if you are a local) and that amount is credited to your food bill. 





2080 N. Palm Canyon Dr.
Palm Springs, CA 92262