Two episodes in one day! And Snatch Game right out of the gate! Good fortune is definitely smiling down on us. Or at least World of Wonder is!

Shea Couleé is basking in her win:  “It feels so correct to win the first challenge of the All Legends season,” she purrs. Trinity the Tuck enters swinging her plunger menacingly. She’s “got a fire under her ass and it ain’t gonorhea!” Ru announces the maxi challenge:  Snatch Game! And to double the fun, each queen has to do two impersonations! Gag x 2!! It’s two, two, two mince in one!

On the first panel we have Vivienne as Joanna Lumley from Ab Fab; Shea Couleé as Kenyan internet comedy star Elsa Majimbo; Jinkx as Natasha  Lyonne of Russian Doll; Yvie as rapper Rico Nasty; Trinity as Satan herself; Raja as the puppet Madame of Wayland Flowers fame; Monét as boxer Mike Tyson and Jaida as singer Prince. Trinity’s Lucifer goes by Luci and is your best girlfriend. Tyson is quite taken with Prince’s ass cut-out and has some rude ideas what to do with it. Raja is a manic marionette on molly. And Jinkx/Natasha suggests that watching Jaida top Monét would be like “watching a 4-year-old trying to move a couch!” 

The next panel brings us Viv as English comedian Catherine Tate; Shea as runway coach Miss J Alexander; Jinkx as Judy Garland; Yvie as the Boogeyman; Trinity as our fave pocket gay Leslie Jordan; Raja as iconic former Vogue editor Diana Vreeland; Monét as comedian Martin Lawrence; and Jaida as Lady Chablis. Trinity scores with Leslie going into a bodega to buy a condom he can use as a raincoat. Yvie is the boogeyman you want under (or in) your bed and Raja completely inhabits Vreeland. 

Hands down, though, Jinkx SLAYS as Judy Garland and possibly exceeds her iconic Little Edie snatch. Ru and contestants Michelle Visage and Ross Mathews completely lose it over Judy’s invocation of Dave, the military veteran makeover  subject introduced in Drag Race season 5, who blamed himself for killing Judy (by introducing her to a new sleeping pill). “It’s alright, you’re forgiven,” coos Judy. Replete with a few musical numbers, Jinkx was definitely her Best Judy!

On the runway, the category is Pleather Principle.  Monét is *stunning* in a sculpted chocolate brown fantasy, which is declared best outfit of the night. Yvie does anime; Raja gives glam rock; Trinity serves puffer jacket realness; Viv is a linebacker in red from wide shoulders to platform toes; Jinkx is Mary Poppins as dominatrix (Ru: “Is the bustle still running?”); Jaida is a Matrix sci-fi fantasy; and Shea is Batman meets Basquiat meets bubble gum (with plenty of catitude). 

The top two are Jinkx and Trinity, who does not get her star because she was blocked in episode 1. They lip sync to “Rumor Has It” by Adele, with Jinkx taking the victory. Glittery platinum plunger in hand, she surveys the queens and decides to block Shea Couleé.  Her strategy is clear:  prevent those already with stars from accumulating more. So according to my abacus, queens Monét, Shea and Jinkx each have one star.  And all three look very strong already for the final four.  Another super duper episode! Til next week, serve your own realness!

Photo credits: Paramount+