The queens Ru-fully reflect on the six lipstick ballots in the box that sent Silky Nutmeg Ganache home in a close 6-4 election. Scarlett states she doesn’t like the box, leaving Pandora Boxx to remind her that “I’m sitting right here!” Jan declares, “I’m not here to stay, I’m here to slay. I’m about to unleash my wrath!” That’s funny! Tell another one!
The queenly choir processes to the werkroom singing “This Little Light of Mine” as they prepare to shine this week. The maxi challenge is the Hall of Fame Halftime Show, where each queen will perform as a legendary headliner in a musical tribute to the biggest icon of all: RuPaul! The lineup includes Prince, Steven Tyler (the original dude looks like a lady), Diana Ross, Beyoncé, Carol Channing, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Shakira and Fergie.
The queens rehearse their choreo with Jamal Sims. Trinity/Beyoncé and Jan/Gaga stand out, although there is fear from Trinity that “we’re going to lose this sh*t to Carol F**king Channing” (Pandora Boxx). You will remember CFC from Hell-no Dolly. Fun fact: Carol Channing performed in the first Super Bowl halftime show!
The performances are all rock solid and reinforce the quality of the Season 6 queens. The runway theme is “The Frill of it All.” Ra’jah declares that not only does she feel like Cinderella, she feels like Cinder-Oh Hell Yeah-OK. (Is she related to Sleeping Beau-What’s the Tee and Snow Wh-Oh No She Dint?)
Ra’Jah, Scarlet, Kylie, Pandora, Trinity, Eureka and Ginger are all declared safe. The top winner is….JAN!!!! Finally! Her first challenge win ever! J for Jan-detta! Yara and A’keria land in the bottom two. This week’s lip sync assassin is Jessica Wild from season 2 (¡escandoló!), who competes against Jan to Womanizer by Britney Spears. Jessica wins, costing Jan a $20K cash tip. (Face crack alert!)
Jessica’s lipstick reveals that the queens have voted to send home Yara. She handles it well, saying “Bye” and “F**k you all.” Words to live by. But she’ll be back because no one is leaving. (Sounds like a roach motel!) And that’s it until next week! Remember to get out and enjoy the local drag scene. Can I get an amen up in here?
Memorable comments:
“I don’t give a damn how much pubic hair you put on your face—I’m never calling you trade.” A’keria to Trinity
“Enough kumbaya, let’s talk trash.” Kylie