As you will recall, no queens sashayed away last week. Angeria Paris VanMichaels says that “secretly we were all wanting to see the Jasmine Kennedie/Jorgeous lip sync.” Both are lip sync assassins! Daya Betty, of course, is not impressed: “It wasn’t that good.” Bitter Betty is back!

Bosco gets condragulations for winning last week’s episode. DeJa Skye coulda/shoulda won and is feeling some kind of way over being close and not having a victory. ‘I feel like I’ve done everything right and given them what they wanted,” she cries. Haven’t we all, girlfriend!

The mini-challenge in this week’s episode is to create wearable pop art using nothing but colorful bubble wrap. The queens get into quick drag to walk the red bubble wrap carpet. When Jorgeous (Pop-py Chulo), Angeria and Lady Camden stand side by side, Ru exclaims, “Look at you looking like Exposé!” Unfortunately, no one knows who they are. “I need to retire,” laments Ru. Bosco wins the challenge in cherry pop couture.

The maxi-challenge this week is the legendary, the iconic, the terrifying…. Snatch Game! Here’s the line-up: Angeria is season 1 legend Tammie Brown; Bosco is Gwyneth Paltrow; Daya is Ozzy Osborne; DeJa Skye is rapper Lil Jon; Jasmine is former education secretary Betsy DeVos; Jorgeous is Ilana Glazer from “Broad City”; Lady Camden is William Shakespeare; and Willow Pill is Drew Barrymore.

Season 2 runner-up Raven and guest judge Dove Cameron are on hand as contestants. Jorgeous takes note of Lady Camden’s Shakespeare drag and asks, “Is she Beethoven?” I just can’t. Ru asks the panel to complete this sentence: “Bianca del Rio loves living in Palm Springs; it’s hot and dry and filled with old men, just like her __.” I might have answered “last visit to the sauna at World Gym.”

Unfortunately, with the exception of DeJa as Lil Jon, the queens bomb. They are guilty of not being funny, not having good jokes, portraying their characters too literally, and just being a hot mess.

Before they are read for filth, the queens walk the runway in the category Holy Couture. DeJa is Joan (Jett) of Arc, aka Joan Van Arkansas; Jasmine puts the “whore in horoscope” in her astrological Gemini ensemble; Angeria is a church mother in pink; Daya marries the night in her Gaga heels (and falls); Jorgeous is the Devil’s Lettuce; Lady Camden serves Spice Girl realness; and Bosco is a “sexpot succubus blasphemous nun” (Ru: “She’s not a virgin, Mary”).

And the critiques! Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley lead the investigation into “Who Killed Snatch Game?” Was it Jasmine, who took Betsy DeVos’ job as education secretary more seriously than she did? Was it Jorgeous, who appeared in a missing person’s report in the Pacoima News? Both appear headed for the bottom again. And Jorgeous feels awful about it. Ru consoles her: “Don’t be down on yourself. You were all equally bad.” Willow describes it as feeling like when mom says, “I’m not angry; I’m disappointed.”

The investigation is concluded. DeJa secures her first victory (yay!) and the other seven queens are all up for elimination. Next week, all seven bottom queens (Daya is declared safe) will lip sync for their lives in a Lip Sync Lalapa-Ruza Smackdown tournament, format to be announced later.

On “Untucked,” the highlight is the video visit of Jorgeous’ loving and supportive family in Puerto Rico. As Lady Camden says, “She is their little superstar.” Ru and I are total Jorgeous stans!

So tune in next week to view the aftermath of this week’s fiasco or, even better, read all about it here in Gay Desert Guide (or in the Pacoima News)!