On Tuesday, November 30, 2020, an employee at Palm Springs’ iconic Purple Room Supper Club was physically attacked and verbally abused by a patron who refused to show proof of vaccination, a requirement for entry to the Club in addition to all in-door dining establishments within the City.  After jumping the employee, the individual attempted to push his way into the club while delivering an anti-vax diatribe screaming “I’m tired of you f**cking liberals. I’m going in the room.”  After the attack, the individual was forced to leave and is still at large and unidentified. A video in the club recorded the incident and a photo of the alleged assailant. Both have been turned over to the Palm Springs Police Department who are investigating. 

“This is not about politics. This is about public health,” said Purple Room spokesman David Perry who said that the employee’s name is not being revealed to protect their privacy, although the victim will be pressing charges. “It’s unconscionable and unacceptable that someone would not only endanger the health and welfare of others by not revealing their vaccination status, much less escalating to violence. The health and safety of our employees and all our guests is our first and foremost priority.  We will pursue arrest and prosecution of the individual in question.’

According to Perry, there have been other incidents in which unvaccinated guests attempted entry to the Club and were verbally abusive when they were turned away.  However, this was the first physical altercation.