The Supreme Court has ruled!  Here's the statement from Palm Springs Pride President Ron deHarte:

Love Wins – Marriage Equality Has Arrived
This is the time to celebrate the historic Supreme Court decision allowing same sex couples the freedom to marry. Let the bells ring across the land and let families rejoice because this is a big step forward on the path to achieving true freedom, justice and equality for all.

A significant population is now recognized as equal and is granted access to all the rights, protections and responsibilities associated with marriage.

This is a momentous win for equality but remember that in 28 states we can marry the one we love only to go to work and be fired for who we truly are or for who we love.  Let’s keep the momentum going and stop religious discrimination acts, ensure access to affordable housing and quality healthcare, fight against discrimination of trans individuals, allow our children to go to school in safe and affirming environments and secure inclusive immigration reform and ensure the rights and protection of incarcerated LGBT and gender nonconforming individuals.