Not since the early days of AIDS when Ronald Reagan was President, have I felt such a strong need to attend an AIDS Walk. The current White House intends to repeal healthcare for millions of Americans. Our lives, again, are at risk, With a new sense of urgency, I'm compelled to not simply walk, but to march

And I hope others feel the same.

Why not use this as an opportunity to show solidarity, sense of community, participation in our great democracy–and walk purposefully? Maybe even start a chant. Or hold a placard or poster board with a political statement.
Ask your neighbors to join you. Ask your friends, too. Get people out into the sunshine and radiate hope. We haven’t forgotten how to love one another. Let’s use this time to express it–openly and publicly.

AIDS has been around for a long time. A few years ago, I heard questions about how to sustain fundraising and community participation. Perhaps the AIDS Walk had worn out its usefulness….

Nearly two weeks ago an estimated 6,000 people took part in the San Diego AIDS Walk. Los Angeles is next on October 15. In Palm Springs we march on Saturday, October 22, 2017 from Ruth Hardy Park.

I’ll be marching with Let’s Kick ASS-Palm Springs, a local group assisting people affected by AIDS Survivor Syndrome and those over 50 years old and HIV-positive. I hosted a fundraiser several weeks ago that paid for their 501©3 filing fee. If you’d like to make an AIDS Walk donation that will benefit both LKA-PS and the Desert AIDS Project, please go to the Jax Kelly Fundraising Page.

Thank you! Jax

Jax Kelly
Contestant, Mr. Palm Springs Leather Pride 2018