This week, it's #GaySupers to the rescue!

Can't we all get along?  Well, apparently these two do!  On the occasion of Mancrush Monday, we searched #GaySuperhero and look what we found!  Here are the deets from the @GaySupers Instagram page:

#GAYSUPERS #STAYSUPER ⚡️  Where Gay Men with SuperPowers come together❗️ We❤️- CoMiCs SuPeRhErOeS TeAmS ArTiStS GayCoSpLay DM us for SHOUTOUT details Team leader⚡️me⬇️

Which brings us to news of the imminent Comic Con in Palm Springs!

Comic Con Palm Springs has brought together some of the most passionate and talented people from the world of comic books and entertainment to produce an exciting new comic con in one of the most famous and fun cities in the world. We’ve spent years working, observing, and listening to what people want and sought from their comic con experiences. Not only working with talent and exhibitors, but also being passionate fans ourselves, we wanted to apply all the great ideas and suggestions everyone had – yours and ours together. Each year we plan to make Comic Con Palm Springs something special.  More info.