Drag Personality and Hostess Jayla D. Foxx hails all the way from Ohio, and describes herself as campy, crazy and full of comedy.  She thanks the gang at Hunters for initiating her love affair with the desert by bringing her in to perform every two weeks six months, and then inviting her to run FlamBOYance on a weekly basis.  She was smitten, and now she’s ours. 

Jayla D. Foxx in Talent Competition at Miss Gay California America. Choreography: Steven Michael.

You’ve undoubtedly seen her in the 2015 Queen of the Desert Competition, or as a regular participant in Drag Me to Brunch and, of course, FlamBOYance!

Jayla says, “PS I love you because…”

  1. You accepted me immediately, and the sense of “small town” community sold me instantly!
  2. Although your summers can be tough (they’re really not that bad), I LOVE your winters.
  3. After almost 22 years performing, you’ve given me that tad bit slower pace I’ve been searching for.
  4. The FlamBOYance and Drag Me to Brunch shows give me the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, yet stay connected to the die-hard local fans.
  5. Originally from a small town in Northwest Ohio, I feel the same little piece of home here, with completely different weather, of course!

And breaking news, Jayla is teaming up with Gay Desert Guide to run one of the stages during the Palm Springs Pride Festival.  More on that later!

It’s clear, Jayla, that Palm Springs is wigging out over you!
Nicholas Snow


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