Endeavor with Jase, a free community fitness class with a focus on inclusion and diversity, is growing in popularity. Fitness instructor Jase Nagaia will continue his class during the summer at Demuth Park in Palm Springs, as economic challenges and affordability increasingly become concerns for many.

Endeavor with Jase

The free, low-impact aerobics class is designed to get participants moving in a focused, welcoming setting with beautiful mountain views. It is open to valley residents and visitors of all fitness levels.

“My mom was always an inspiration to me, and always encouraged me to be active,” Nagaia said. “In the 1950s, my mom started her own women’s basketball team in the Fiji Islands. She named the team Endeavor. I grew up hearing about the challenges my mom overcame not only being the captain of an all-women’s basketball team but also as the only South Indian on her team.  My mom didn’t let misogyny or racism stop her; in fact, she used it to thrive in the sport and educate others. When I decided to start my class, it was only fitting that I name it Endeavor, as a tribute to my mother and because the name embodies what I wanted to create, just as it did for my mom. 

“Wellness is about more than just physical health,” Nagaia added. “It’s about mental health too. Endeavor is about pushing through all those obstacles and making yourself a priority.  It’s important that we create opportunities and access for people to prioritize their fitness and health.”

Started on January 3, 2022, Endeavor with Jase meets at 7:30 a.m. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Demuth Park, 4200 E Mesquite Avenue, Palm Springs.

To register, donate or learn more about Endeavor with Jase, visit www.endeavorpalmsprings.com.

About Jase Nagaia

Jase is a full-time resident of Palm Springs and a native Californian.  He is a full-time marketing professional, active community member and volunteer, and a Group Fitness Instructor.  Jase began his training in group fitness instruction during the pandemic under the mentorship of local Fitness Trainer and Community Fitness Instructor Ted Guice. After becoming an instructor for Guice, Jase began Endeavor, offering community members a low-impact exercise option during the weekend.  As a person of color, Jase aims to create a diverse inclusive and comfortable experience for members through representation.