Please be advised that there will be lots of construction activities occurring on Indian Canyon Drive between Camino Parocela to Tachevah Drive, Mondays – Fridays, between December 2 – 20, 2019. Please allow for extra time to get through the area or consider alternate routes.

Monday, December 9, 2019 – Friday, December 13, 2019: The contractor will continue the micromill on Monday, December 9th to Wednesday, December 11th. Crack fill and crack seal of street. The contractor will be filling any cracks in the roadway and sealing them to prepare the roadway surface for the final paving.

  • You will still be able to drive on the street in the northbound direction.
  • Expect lane closures (inside lanes, then outside lanes or vice versa)
  • Parking along Indian Canyon will not be allowed during the day, allowed in most areas during the night. Please read and follow posted signs before parking.
  • Temporary lane striping will be maintained and matches existing lane configurations. It will still be a one-way street going northbound on Indian Canyon Drive between Camino Parocela to Alejo Road. It will still be two-way street between Alejo Road and Tachevah Drive.

Monday, December 16, 2019 – Friday, December 20, 2019: Final Paving. The contractor will be installing a slurry seal (a thin layer of asphalt pavement) to the surface of the street.

  • There will be limited access to/from driveways along Indian Canyon Drive until the pavement is dry. The contractor will have a portion of the driveway open (about the width of a car) to connect to an area on Indian Canyon where you can drive. They will come back at another time to do the other half.
  • The contractor will be paving by lanes (outside, then inside or vice versa) to assist with traffic flow and access to driveways.
  • Businesses that have parking lots where the access is only from Indian Canyon Drive are still asked to plan ahead for customer and employees. Due to the narrowed access at driveways while they are paving, allow for extra time to get to and from those parking lots.
  • The City offers free parking at a number of lots and locations downtown. This includes over 300 spaces at the parking structure on Baristo Road, and 1000 spaces at the Downtown Parking Garage. A map with the number of spaces at each location can be found here: Map [pdf]
  • The downtown parking garage has covered parking spaces from Amado Road all the way to Tahquitz Canyon Way. Entrances to the garage are located at the Hyatt Hotel on North Palm Canyon Drive and Amado Road, and two entrances on North Museum Drive in front of the Palm Springs Art Museum.
  • Temporary lane striping will be maintained and matches existing lane configurations. It will still be a one-way street going northbound on Indian Canyon Drive between Camino Parocela to Alejo Road. It will still be two-way street between Alejo Road and Tachevah Drive.

Turning on the Traffic Signals and Going from One-Way to Two-Way 

Once the traffic signals are ready to be turned on, fully tested and operational, the final roadway striping will be installed on the new pavement, and a new section of Indian Canyon Drive will be converted to two-way traffic. Work will be done at night starting at 8:00 pm and reopened at 6:00 am the following morning. Here is the planned schedule for the conversion:

*Please note that this proposed construction schedule is subject to change due to weather, coordination with other construction projects in the area, and unforeseen conditions.

  • Thursday night, January 2, 2020: The traffic signals at Tachevah Drive and Tamarisk Road got upgrades as a part of this project. They will be turned on to its final configuration on this Thursday night. This section of Indian Canyon already has traffic going in the northbound and southbound directions.
  • Sunday night, January 5, 2020: Alejo to Amado will be converted to two-way traffic.
  • Monday night, January 6, 2020: Amado to Tahquitz Canyon will be converted to two-way traffic.
  • Tuesday night, January 7, 2020: Tahquitz Canyon to Arenas will be converted to two-way traffic. Because Baristo Road only goes westbound at Indian Canyon this may change. Depending on how things are going, we may go all the way to Ramon Road if possible or make adjustments to work planned for Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
  • Wednesday night, January 8, 2020: Arenas to Ramon will be converted to two-way traffic.
  • Thursday night, January 9, 2020: Ramon to Camino Parocela will be converted to two-way traffic.

What to expect for the two way conversion: 

  • When driving southbound on the newly opened section when you get to the end you will have to either turn left or right at the traffic signal. It will be similar to what you currently have to do at Alejo Road.
  • You will see two lanes of traffic for northbound vehicles, a center dual left turn lane, and a southbound lane. Use the center dual left turn lane to turn into a driveway along Indian Canyon Drive when it is clear to turn left.
  • You will see new traffic signals and left turn pockets. Use them like you would at any other traffic signal in the City.
  • You will see the parking signs on the west side of the street flipped so that they face southbound traffic. Vehicles traveling southbound will parallel park with the front of their vehicle now facing south.
  • You should always look both ways for vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles when exiting any driveway onto Indian Canyon Drive, just as you would other driveways.


Project updates and the latest construction information are posted here:

Construction Update [pdf]

Who: The City has hired Elecnor Belco Electric, Inc., as the contractor for this project.

What: This project includes converting the one way section of Indian Canyon Drive between Camino Parocela to Alejo Road to two way traffic.

  • This involves converting one lane to southbound traffic, one lane will be used as a center turning lane, and maintaining two northbound lanes for traffic.
  • Parking will remain on both sides of the street, and the parking on the west side of the street will now face southbound.
  • This project also includes new traffic signals for the revised traffic pattern and upgrades the traffic signals between Alejo Road and Tachevah Drive so that the corridor can be interconnected for better flow of traffic.
  • Sidewalks at most of the intersections corners will be bumped out for better visibility of pedestrian who are waiting to cross the street as well as give more elbow room while they wait for the signal to change during peak seasons. This also has the benefit shortening the crossing distance for pedestrians and allows for smoother corner ramp transitions from the road to the sidewalks.


When: The contractor began construction of this phase in May 2019 and the project is schedule to be complete by January 2020.

Where: Indian Canyon Drive from Camino Parocela to Tachevah Drive.


Questions, Comments & Concerns: If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns regarding this project, please call the project voicemail at (760) 961-5142. When you call please leave in your message:

  • your name
  • the location of concern
  • a way we can contact you (phone or email)

All calls will be logged in and tracked for response, and all calls will be responded to within 24 hours.

 This project is funded by the State of California Road Repair and Accountability Act Funds (SB1), the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) and the City’s Measure J Funds.