Move over, Atma!  We're joining you!

My glamorous friend Atma Wiseman has accumulated a variety of talents and interests over the years.  She is an interior designer as well as an image consultant for print and television.  Newly certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a certified fitness trainer, she is also finalizing her certification as an aquatic therapy rehab teacher. 

We know each other because of our shared Experience and the people in our lives as a result!  She's clearly fit and fabulous, and multi-talented as well!

And philanthropic!  Atma serves on the board of the Steinway Society of Riverside County as the VP of marketing, and also on the board of the regionally-awarded Coachella Valley Repertory Theatre (CVRep).

Above, Attma strikes a pose with the love of her life, Joy Sliver; and below, with the love of both their lives, the very fluffy Roo.

Atma says, “PS I love you because…”

  1. of your Palm Trees, exotic and swaying… I always feel welcomed home by them whenever I travel.
  2. of your airport. Accessible, convenient, friendly and just the right size. 
  3. The community's motivation towards fitness. It's fabulous seeing people on trails and biking, even in the heat!
  4. Your commitment to a higher aesthetic. We are setting this bar very high and have become an international mecca for modern design.
  5. Your inhabitants' acts of doing good. So many people and organizations committed to good works, the arts, healing, equality and compassion.

Wow, Atma!  In preparing this column for publication, and getting such a fabulous reminder of who you are in the world, I'm asking myself, “Why the heck don't I spend more time with the fabulous woman?!”  So expect a call soon, and thank you for being you.  Give my love to Joy and Roo!


Nicholas Snow

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