As a new president comes into office, we are seeing immediate changes – the Office of AIDS Policy page on was taken down immediately, for example.
But hope springs eternal and I'm happy to share and reflect on a message of hope brought forth by my friends at the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles.  Before moving to the desert, I spent a number of years in LA and was board chair for GMCLA. 
Today, I was sent a video that they produced with Melissa Etheridge that gives me hope.  Here's their narrative from YouTube and a link to the video on our site:

Our country seems more divided than ever. Despite our political leaders, we must heal our country and come together in love, compassion, and understanding. We need an Uprising of Love. 

Let's talk to our neighbor, have coffee with someone different than us, reach across the aisle, listen to someone in a red state and a blue state, stand up for someone who needs our support, and treat others as we would want to be treated. We need an Uprising of Love.

Uprising of Love, Featuring Melissa Etheridge 
Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles