On Saturday, April 27, a group of young organizers is giving the Coachella Valley its best opportunity to see local musicians and artists perform during the upcoming desert music festival bonanza.

The Hue, the annual youth-led and authentically Coachella Valley music and arts festival, will present a seven-hour lineup that includes rock, hip-hop, DJ artists and acoustic musicians. The event is the culmination of months of hard work by members of Alianza’s Youth Organizing Council (Y0-C!), a program helping area young people gain leadership and community organizing experience.

All Hue musicians are from the Coachella Valley or have close ties to the area, said Joseph Avila, Alianza’s community outreach and YO-C! coordinator.

“The youth were the ones who decided the lineup,” Avila said. “It was completely designed by students from Desert Mirage High School and Coachella Valley High School.”

Chosen artists were excited to be a part of this year’s festival.

“We love The Hue,” said Nicolas Lara, a member of Marni. “This will be my third time playing it, and we’re gonna have a blast performing in front of you beautiful people.”

The notions of dreams and sustainability will be woven throughout The Hue.

Organizers went with the theme “dreams” after a Y0-C! member described being told by an adult at school that dreaming of becoming an astronaut was “unrealistic” for a person from the Eastern Coachella Valley. The organizers wish to convey that their dreams should be considered as important as anyone else’s.

Organizers are collaborating with Alianza’s environmental justice campaign to share information at The Hue on work happening now to create a sustainable Coachella Valley. Coachella nonprofit Raices Cultura will present composting demonstrations during the festival.

The Hue is sponsored, in part, by the city of Coachella.

The lineup as of this week includes:

Los Manos Del Valle
Ballet Folklorico
Desert Mirage Rock Band
The Sol Suns
Elecktric Luce
Jesus Galaviz
Daytime Moon