This week, Gay Desert Guide’s Woman Crush Wednesday is none other than Lena Ingram!

GDG’s Jeff Denean Jones did a special COVID interview (i.e., all through messages) with Lena recently:
We are now one year into the COVID 19 pandemic. What has the last year meant to you? 
“I think it has been a really interesting time for reflection, evaluating who and what is important to me. It’s been a real lesson on the fragility of life and the importance of loved ones as well as loving oneself.”
Did you find any new hobbies or activities over the last year that helped keep you engaged, distracted, and/or occupied? 
“It is definitely giving me time to spend on as well as focus on a few new literary and miscellaneous production endeavors.”
Photo by Stuart Locklear

What are you missing most that you hope returns once this pandemic is behind us?
“Oh my gosh, I miss hugs! I miss spending physical time with my family and friends.”
The last year has meant sacrifice and getting back to basics in many ways. What have you discovered you can do without going forward?
“Well, I had an emergency spinal surgery 2 years ago this month, so I feel like I was already somewhat quarantined for that first year. So, I had already learned to do without a lot, but I think it just reiterated what it means to find peace in solitude, being with and loving one’s self.”
Will the The Lunch Ladies and Gents be returning? never left and have always provided resources, but I always imagined that we would return to having monthly or quarterly lunches. We had some really great get-togethers and community events. I miss my lunch ladies and gents!”
What are your hopes for 2021 and beyond?
“I really hope that in 2021 we have learned from this stressful and horrific time we’ve just been through especially in the last four years, of course including the pandemic and the rediscovery of racial discrimination, injustice and inequity in this country. We have so much healing to do and I really hope that these pandemics have exposed what we need to fix, how we can educate and how we need to heal with each other. I look forward to moving forward…”

We cannot help but be inspired by Lena and her amazing energy. Check out our Woman Crush video reel featuring Lena (and look for some quotes from some friends in video as well). Thank you, Lena!
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