For the second year in a row, White Party Palm Springs, has moved its dates to the exact same weekend as the Blatino Oasis Gay Men of Color Retreat, prompting organizers to reschedule their annual event yet again.

Last year, when White Party producers moved their date to the first weekend in May, the same weekend as both the Gay Rodeo and Blatino Oasis, both groups responded by changing their event dates. Blatino Oasis had been held the first weekend in May for almost a decade, until the White Party organizers chose the same weekend for their event as well. Event producer, Joe Hawkins said he felt "displaced" the first time it happened, but thought, maybe it was just some wierd scheduling fluke. He said his team brushed the date change off and moved their event dates to the weekend before, in an effort to maintain Blatino Oasis's autonomy and to not conflict with the new White Party dates.

But when White Party organizers announced this week that they had moved their dates again to the same weekend that Blatino Oasis had announced for 2018, Hawkins asked, "What's going on? Although no group owns any given date, one would hope that common courtesy would prevail. However, it seems strange to me that for two years in a row, the same dates that I have chosen for my event, the White Party organizers chose as well. It feels very disrespectful to our event and is frustrating to our team to have this happen for two years straight. Can you imagine what would happen if White Party moved to the same weekend as The Dinah or Coachella?" Hawkins said. 
Blatino Oasis has moved its dates back to the original first weekend in May (May 4-6) for 2018.