You’ve been dreaming of sunshine on your face and getting away to some wide open space for some time now. Palm Springs has some of the most beautiful desertscapes in Southern California and we’ve missed you very much. Long-distance relationships are so hard. But wait, finally – the hotels are open again! When you’re ready to swap your PJs or yoga wear for a swimsuit, there are a few things to keep in mind to be sure you (and others) are safe.

You’ll find business owners in Palm Springs have posted signage reminding patrons to wear masks and maintain social distance to stay in compliance with city mandates designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Enjoying Open Spaces

Enjoy our open spaces without face coverings. These areas include the outdoors, walking, hiking, bicycling or running (remaining six feet apart). Please always carry a face covering with you when you are in public spaces for your own safety and the safety of others.

Entering Buildings

Please wear a face covering when you are in a building.

Eating and Drinking

You are not required to wear a face covering at the table with your party. However, please wear your face covering when you enter, exit, or are not at your table. Reminders will be posted on the window.


Please wear a face covering in a taxi or in any public transportation service.

Waiting in Line

When standing in line, please try to maintain a six-foot distance from others not in your party. This includes lines inside or outside a building, including on any sidewalks and the public entrance of a store.


Store’s now limit occupancy to 40%. Please assist honoring occupancy limits during your visit.

Create your own personal space at the pool

Until we can start up our pool parties again, we want everyone to have a safe and fun time around the pool. Resorts and hotels will have lounge chairs placed six-feet apart. They can get moved, so please arrange so you are six-feet away from other guests at the pool.

Hang with Your Clan (in Groups of 10 or Less)

The days of “the more, the merrier” aren’t here right now. While visiting, it’s important to maintain a group of 10 people or less while also practicing physical distancing. And if your personal clan is less than 10 peeps, even better.