Twilight Manors in Palm Springs Cover

St Sukie de la Croix takes on retirement in the Palm Springs area and the results are hilarious! Have you ever wondered what nonagenarian cross-dressing neighbors, a lost pussy, an S&M-themed Thai restaurant, owl-collecting lesbians, nuns, a sad-looking anal chrysanthemum, Carol Channing, annoying ducks, and murder have in common? Then Twilight Manors in Palm Springs God’s Waiting Room is the laugh-out-loud comic novel to read! When Brian and Stéphane retired and moved to Palm Springs, California, they hoped for sunny days and a laid-back lifestyle, but what they never expected was for their lives to be turned upside down!

Readers are raving about this new novel from award winning author, St Sukie de la Croix. As one reviewer wrote, “Sukie’s book does for Palm Springs what George Orwell did for pig farms. I read most of it at the local Starbucks, a bad idea since some scenes made me laugh out loud.”

St Sukie de la Croix has been a social commentator and researcher on Chicago’s LGBT history for three decades. He has published oral-history interviews; lectured; conducted historical tours; documented LGBT life through columns, photographs, humor features, and fiction; and written the book Chicago Whispers (University of Wisconsin Press, 2012) on local LGBT history. St Sukie de la Croix, the man the Chicago Sun-Times described as “the gay Studs Terkel,” came to Chicago from his native Bath, England, in 1991. He has had columns in local publications or online news and entertainment sources such as Chicago Free Press, Gay Chicago, Nightlines/Nightspots, Outlines, Blacklines, Windy City Times, and as well as numerous others outside the city. In 2008 he was a historical consultant as well as an on-screen interviewee for the WTTW television documentary “Out & Proud in Chicago.” In 2012 de la Croix was inducted into the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame. In 2014 he said goodbye to Chicago and relocated to Cathedral City, California, and in 2017 published The Blue Spong and the Flight from Mediocrity, a novel set in 1924 Chicago, followed by The Orange Spong and Storytelling at the Vamp Art Café in 2020. In 2018 he published The Memoir of a Groucho Marxist, a work about growing up Gay in Great Britain, and in 2019, Out of the Underground: Homosexuals, the Radical Press and the Rise and Fall of the Gay Liberation Front. Also, in 2019 he published St Sukie’s Strange Garden of Woodland Creatures with celebrated Cathedral City illustrator, Roy Alton Wald. In 2019 St Sukie de la Croix and Owen Keehnen launched their very successful Tell Me About It Project, which led to the 2019 publication of Tell Me About It, Tell Me About It 2, and in 2020, Tell Me about It 3. In 2020, St Sukie’s latest work of fiction was published, The Orange Spong and Storytelling at the Vamp-Arts Café, the second book in the popular Spong Series. In 2021 Rattling Good Yarns Press published Chicago After Stonewall: Gay Lib to Gay Life. With Twilight Manors in Palm Springs God’s Waiting Room St Sukie has returned to his roots in comedy and social commentary.