Hot Spots to watch, find, meet, see and flirt with lesbians!

Saturday    12:15-1  US Bank Stage           805 South

Saturday        4:00    Jackee Lee H Park     Dyke Rally

Saturday        5:15    Jackee Lee H Park     Dyke March

Saturday        5:25    US Bank Stage           Sam Tolson

Saturday        6:00    US Bank Stage           Jennifer Corday

Saturday        6:30    Chill Bar                     Jennifer Corday

Saturday        7:30    Hard Rock                  Women’s Pride Dance

Saturday        9:00    Tahquitz Stage          Lunden Reign 

Sunday           1:00    US Bank Stage           Evangenitals             

Sunday           1-5      Hard Rock                  Women’s Jazz Fest Party

Sunday           12-8    The Palm House        Velvet Party

Sunday           2-4      The Palm House        Giselle Woo & Symara Stone

          Sam Tolson – This hot young woman knows how to sing it to your heart!  Tolson will be hitting the Arena/US Bank stage on Saturday, Nov. 7th at 5:25. To get you hooked on her, here is a sweet bit of video-cover of Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason” as a duet with Davis Reid. There are a bunch of her other vids in the playlist after that too.

One of my favorite things about Sam is that she loves to collaborate and she does a lot of it.  That is the ultimate gift an entertainer can give themselves, and she does it so well.

With a couple fistfuls of covers and the release of three singles over the last two years, she’s starting to tour all over.  She’s getting a name on a circuit papered with Pride events along the walls, but with a fun mix of gigs down the middle of the hallway!

I asked her some questions about starting an “out” career these days.

SC: What are some of your favorite parts of touring?

– ST: I love having the opportunity to travel and perform in places I never thought I'd see. With that, I get to meet a ton of great people.

SC: Is there anything you do to make being on the road feel more grounded?

ST: Every show I have, I have at least one family member or close friend there. It is definitely something that reassures me and gives me comfort. I'm quite an introvert, so traveling and coming out of my shell has been a little hard. Seeing how far I have come with music, and all the people I've had the opportunity to meet and also help, has changed and saved my life. That thought alone will forever keep me grounded.

SC: What percentage of your gigs are on what we'd call the “Gay Circuit?”

ST: In the last year or so, most of my shows were at Pride festivals or something related to gay pride. I also do quite a few bar gigs or smaller local shows that have no specific crowd. I guess it depends on my schedule but I'd say more than half of my shows are related to what you'd call the “Gay Circuit.”

SC: Do you have to choose? Does your act change for a gay show?

ST: I don't 'have' to choose. I play shows for the love of it and for the opportunity to see new places, meet new people and learn new things. No opportunity is a bad opportunity, whether it is a show with 5 people or 5,000. I do not change my act in any sense. Being myself as an artist is something I really pride myself in. Though there are some crowds that are more conservative, I try to respect everyone’s beliefs or feelings, as I would want them to do for me. When I perform, my main goal is seeing people have a good time.

SC: What is the core of your audience?

ST: My core audience is mostly teens and young adults. A lot of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding fans make their way to me. I pride myself in working on covers that I can rewrite to express myself as an artist, rather than taking the original artists work.   Because of that and the diversity of artists I cover, my audience ranges from teens to the parents of those kids.

**SC: I just want to say, I may be in my 50’s but I have enjoyed watching Sam Tolson’s 20-something career evolve.  Check her out.