A message from founder Mariah Hanson was sent to media, ticket holders and posted on social media. The statement reads,

“As promised, we are committed to producing a safe Dinah and I can promise the next Dinah will be like none other. We all want to come together and celebrate the simple fact that finally, we can. But that time is not here yet.
Based on the latest spikes in California and several other states, I can’t in good conscious produce the event in 2020.
We are reverting to the 2nd or 3rd postponement options. The first option is May 5-9, 2021 and the second option is September 15-20, 2021. If we can produce the May event, we will not produce a September event. We will revisit the viability of the May date in late February, early March of 2021 but we will offer periodic updates to keep you informed.
Your support of The Dinah means the world to us. We’ve been hard hit as have so many lesbian owned bars, events and nightclubs. The lesbian/queer women entertainment industry continues to hang in there but please know, your support is critical to our future. We are currently only selling tickets for customers who have purchased and need a refund. If you are planning on attending a future Dinah, have not purchased tickets yet, and are in a position to do so, your purchase will greatly help us resell tickets for customers who can no longer attend. We will not sell our own inventory until we have taken care of every request to resell, so purchasing now really helps us out.
From single event tickets to a complete VIP Package, your purchase helps carry us through this crisis. Most event tickets on sale right now are at prices that we will likely not see again. Plus, every new purchase comes with an extra 15% Eventbrite credit to be used toward any future Dinah beyond the event tickets you purchased. If you are in a position to purchase tickets:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/club-skirts-dinah-shore-weeken…
Either way, I want to assure you of my commitment to our customers and to the event. I truly do think about this situation, and you, every single day. I’m busy reinventing the event and exploring ways to make The Dinah a true showcase not just for emerging talent in the mainstream, but to further showcase our own artists even more. You’ll see many changes in our programming that I think you will be excited by. One thing will never change: The Dinah will always be a magical place to celebrate all things female and to bring us closer together for five magical days to truly shine as the diverse, powerful group of women that we are. Together we change the world, Dinah style.
Wishing you all much health and safety,