from Mariah Hanson of Club Skirts’ The Dinah:

Hello all,
Greetings from The Dinah.
We wanted to let you know we have rescheduled The Dinah for September 29 to October 3

The Mayor of Palm Springs has recently stated she thinks events in the region will be greenlighted in Fall, so while it is not official, it’s finally looking very good that we’ll have a 2021 Dinah. ;). Based on that news, to be safe we have shifted the event dates to the last week in September. It’s perfect Palm Springs weather and technically the dates are in “Fall.” Mark your calendar!

If you have not done so and are planning on attending the next Dinah, would you consider getting your ticket now? You’ll help us resell customers tickets and if you purchase now, you’ll receive a 15% credit in addition to the value of your ticket to use at a future Dinah. Neither the ticket nor the credit expires until you use it so if you do not end up coming this year, you can use your ticket next year!

As I have expressed in past emails, your support and encouragement of The Dinah has been a life saver. It’s such an inspiration for us to know that this event is so important to the community. We cannot wait until September. In the meantime, thank you all for being Dinah angels.

The Dinah will always be a magical place to celebrate our diversity and to bring us closer together for five magical days to truly shine as the unique, powerful group of womxn and friends that we are.
Together we change the world, Dinah style.

Wishing you all much health and safety,

Mariah and The Dinah Team

If you are in a position to purchase tickets [click here]