I'm turning the tables on Sean Borg, a regular creator of media content, and shining the spotlight on him!

My very exclusive sources reveal…

“British born Palm Springs local Sean Borg is one Palm Springs' newest arrivals after bouncing onto the social scene here around September 2015.  Borg is quick to point out however, that he has been living in the desert on and off since early 2013 and has been a coming here for over 10 years.  Sean is a successful PR and marketing guru who has been producing and appearing on entertainment news shows since the mid-nineties.

As a publicist, he has worked with names such as Paris Hilton, Hollywood director Marcus Nispel, Dolores Robinson, former Oscar nominee, the late Michael Clarke Duncan, Ridley Scott/RSA productions, Brit-Award winning pop group Liberty X and Duran Duran to name a few. 

A Sean Borg Flashback from his official YouTube Channel

His television, online and print accolades include: Featured on and produced the hit FOX TV show TMZ on TV, and TMZ.com, On The Grapevine with British host Emma B, writing for Britain’s biggest newspaper – The Sun and New York Post’s prestigious PageSix column, as well as being Hollywood 411’s “International entertainment correspondent” – a show co-hosted by The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison.

His skills as a “breaking news” journalist in London and Los Angeles saw Sean exclusively reporting on huge stories around the world including insider information on the deaths of Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger, Madonna’s widely publicized tumultuous life, The Beckhams, and almost everything “Brangelina!” 

Sean with Elton John, as grabbed from Sean's Facebook page.

Sean was well known in the industry for being up on his game when it came to knowing what was going on behind the scenes in the lives of some of the biggest celebrities in world.

Sean with Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz as photographed at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala.

Nowadays however, Borg has opted for a much calmer life away from the stressful and fast paced newsroom he was once used to. This was out of choice, “My motto is,” he says, “when it stops being fun give it up.” And that’s he what did. He left the world of “breaking news” behind him.

Sean at yet another swanky event, this time with local celeb Jill Langham.

Sean currently holds the position of Showbiz Editor at the British Weekly Newspaper, doing so for 5 years and currently writes the well-read social diary “Scene by Sean” in LIVE Magazine – a column that features the popular people of Palm Springs,” sources conclude.

Sean says, “PS I love you because…”

  1. of The Change: I am here at a time of change. I am literally seeing the city change before my very eyes. It’s fascinating time for Palm Springs, and so exciting!
  2. of The Mountains: I love looking up at the mountains every day and feel blessed that I live within this stunningly gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful valley. Get the picture?
  3. of The Freedom: I feel a sense of freedom. After spending most my life in the fast paced world of entertainment and busy newsrooms, I can finally hear myself think! (Laughs). I am my creative self once again, developing new ideas and approaching life at a steadier pace. 
  4. of The Caring Spirit of City: The many wonderful and caring philanthropists I have met. People who truly care about their community, who want to bring about change, which pull together to make a difference. Many of people I have met here go out of their way to help one another. I am touched by the spirit of Palm Springs and its approach towards the LGBT Community… As someone who is from the U.K; I didn’t grow up in a cozy community as such. It’s a very different way of life here. I feel embraced by the wonderful people in this city who many of I now call my friends. This is a blessing. 
  5. of The People: Such as Dimitri Halkidis, Teresa Parkerson-Rogers, Levvy Carriker and Juli Ragsdale, Gary Soto, Michael Peachey, Carl Baker, Pjetur and Dimitri, Marcia and Tony, Joelle and Steve, Laurie and Larry, Geoff and James, Shaktima Brien, Jill Langham, William Dey, Willie Rhine, Eight4Nine, Ranz Weinhart, Tropicale and not forgetting Nicholas Snow (of course), who are just a part of a larger bunch of names who at certain points in time have made me love this city all the more.  This is why I wanted to stay!

Is this paparazzi performance art?  Who is stalking whom?  Sean out shopping in Palm Springs with his buddy and fellow media man Dimitri Halkadis.

“You can always rewind film, but life has one take, one go. You can’t rewind life, so enjoy it today,” expresses Sean.

From one entertainment reporter to another, Sean, I regret I waited this long to cover you!  It's been a pleasure.  Perhaps collaborations are in order?  At any rate, Palm Springs is all the better because you are here!


Nicholas Snow

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