This Black History Month, Revry is programming LGBTQ-first Black stories with themes from the differently-abled, LGBTQ athletes, activists and the lesbian, trans and the cis-gender lesbian community.

Below are the feature films, documentaries, and series that Revry will feature in February to celebrate and honor the Black community.

“Saturday Church,”– starring recent history-making Golden Globe winner MJ Rodriguez, tells the story of 14-year-old Ulysses, a shy and effeminate boy, who finds himself coping with new responsibilities as “man of the house” after the death of his father.

“I’m From Driftwood,” – A series based on the online archive of first person LGBTQ stories. The video stories, published weekly, send a message to LGBTQ people everywhere: you are not alone.- Defying What’s Blackness, What’s Femininity And What’s Masculinity (S1 E12) | One group of people told Icon to “act like a man.” Another group told him to “femme it up” and to be a “big black girl” and to “snap, snap, snap and be sassy.” Icon decided to ignore them all and just be Icon.

“Mr. Brown,” – About a middle aged handicapped black man, former athlete, in a wheelchair. He endlessly listens to music, reads books and looks out the window to oversee the roofs of neighboring houses in Harlem.

“Never Quit,” – This is a victorious story of a female athlete whose rise to stardom and popularity suddenly misses the shot. Discover how we don’t always understand the Lord’s plan, but realize everything happens for a reason.

“One Life To Blossom” – One Life To Blossom follows the life of black transgender activist Blossom C. Brown when she undergoes her dream of getting face feminization surgery all within a year before making nationwide headlines at the 2019 CNN LBGTQ+ Town Hall.

The above programming will air and stream on Revry, the LGBTQ-first streaming media network on Samsung TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Comcast Xfinity, XUMO and more.

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