For an episode devoted to the Snatch Game of Love, love was a bit short in supply this week. Anger, hurt and betrayal reared their nasty heads. Hmm, on the other hand, maybe this was Snatch Game of Love Realness! Let’s break it down.

Jaymes Mansfield mourns the elimination of her friend Darienne Lake but celebrates the additional closet space. Darienne went down in a unanimous vote. Jimbo now has two wins and is the clear front runner. Alexis Michelle warns her that she could now be a target and suggests she sleep with one tit open!

In the werkroom, Jimbo shares a bite of her apple with LaLa Ri, sending Alexis into a jealous frenzy. “You’re a horny bitch,” intones Kahanna Montrese, in a case of the pot calling the kettle black. “My poor mother,” laments Alexis.

It’s time for the Snatch Game of Love! The first contestant/snatchelor is comedian Matt Rogers. The first panel of snatchelorettes includes Heidi N Closet as Blackbeard the Pirate (because she likes booty); Jessica Wild as Puerto Rican icon Iris Chacón; Kahanna as her drag mother Coco Montrese; and Jaymes as Jennifer Coolidge. Kahanna is pretty much a bust, relying too heavily on orange cheese puff makeup and bombing on her jokes. Unfortunately, Heidi goes to town on her and adds to her distress. Jaymes is clearly the best on the panel.

RPDR AS8 E5 01
Photo credit: Paramount/World of Wonder

The second panel features snatchelor/comedian Bowen Yang from SNL. The snatchelorettes are Alexis as Bea Arthur; Kandy Muse as mob wife Renee Graziano; LaLa as rapper Sukihana; and Jimbo as Shirley Temple. Alexis is spot-on as Bea in looks and banter. Kandy and LaLa are somewhat lost in the middle because Jimbo is hitting it out of the park. Her deranged tap dance number is the icing on the cake. She slays.

RPDR AS8 E5 03
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It’s elimination day and things are rough in the werkroom. Kahanna is genuinely upset with Heidi for kicking her while she was down on Snatch Game.  Kandy, a master shit-stirrer, also reveals that Heidi betrayed alliance-mate Jimbo by suggesting that Kandy was targeting her. It’s Heidi’s word against Kandy’s because witness Alexis’ lips are sealed (for once!). The room goes so quiet that Heidi says you could “hear a rat piss on cotton.”  (Yas!)  But it has all become too “ugly and hideous” for Heidi and she has lost her joy. She’s going home. 

Ru announces Heidi’s self-elimination before the runway and wishes her nothing but love. The runway category is Ru-veal Yourself. Jessica is a chicken who reveals herself as an egg, putting to rest which came first. Kahanna is a showgirl who reveals her naked body. I can tell you who came first on that one!  And Jimbo. He is deliriously insane. He is a literal two-faced bitch, entering backwards as Adam and turning around to reveal Eve and her apple (with a snake reveal). It’s next-level. 

RPDR AS8 E5 02
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The winner, once again, is Jimbo, notching her fourth victory. Alexis comes in for high praise as well. In the bottom are Jessica (for the first time) and Kahanna (for the second). Kahanna’ s first-episode win is feeling like a long time ago.  The lip sync assassin this week is season 14’s Jasmine Kennedie, who looks stunning and is burning the house down boots. Jimbo, it is clear, is not good at these lip syncs. They perform to “Hallucinate” by Dua Lipa and Jasmine takes the win. 

But no one is going home tonight because of Heidi’s departure. This sets up the drama next week when the votes are revealed. Ouch. My observation this week is epitomized by Kahanna’s predicament: she clearly paid big bucks for a flawless new body but you can see the hurt boy underneath. Ditto Heidi, fun on the outside and seemingly seething on the inside. You can put your body in drag but not your emotions!  It’s this tension that gives Drag Race its bite. Ok, this rat needs to go find some cotton. See you next week!

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