RPDR AS7 E9 06

Raja is so happy and is feeling the fantasy of last week’s victory. She felt fortunate that the lip sync was to “Super Freak,” which was written in 1980. She had plenty of time to learn the lyrics! Jaida Essence Hall, who received the plunger from Raja, says she is way too cute to be blocked. It’s like blocking your little sister, she says. Sis!

The plunger still holds its non-existent secrets, like Jaida’s non-existent real jewelry. But both are sparkly! Shea Couleé and Monét X Change sit together on the one-star alliance couch and know they’ve got to win starting now to have any chance for the finale. Last, the queens go crazy and turn the werkroom into a madhouse. The inmates are running the asylum! says Trinity.

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This week’s maxi challenge is a master class in branding: create your own signature social media viral dance challenge. Each queen will choose a song from the Legendary Library but create their own dance. The extra special guest judge this week is the fab Ben Platt of “Dear Evan Hansen” fame.

The queens talk about their own brands. Yvie’s is that she has no bones in her body. Jaida is the essence of beauty and glamour. Trinity is tuck, hair flip and ass (her booty shake is called the washing machine dance). Jinkx stuffs an entire peanut butter sandwich into her mouth because Jinkx. She offers some pb to Raja, who declines. “Peanut allergy?” asks Jinkx. Raja replies, “I’m Southeast Asian. Food allergies are a white people thing.” And now you know.

Ru enters the werkroom to see what the queens are planning. He has one thing to say: Wagon Wheel Watusi. Continuing on the white people theme, Ru tells Viv that dancing on the upbeat is white people’s prerogative. Yvie’s childhood idol was Gumby. “Put your oddities into your boddities,” she recommends. Jinkx is ready to take some carbs for the team with her pb sandos.

Shea, Monét and Jaida come up with an idea for a touring show: Shea-nét-jai. Jinkx declares that she has two settings: looney tunes or emotional breakdown. “How about off?” suggests Raja.

On the runway, the category is “What Lies Beneath,” which involves several mini-reveals. Shea is slinging the blues in blue feathered maribou; Jaida is astonishing in a four-season four-gown reveal; Viv is serving bewitching beauty “Into the Woods” princess fantasy; Raja is serving pink flamingo (or flaming-ho) in her florals from another planet; Yvie is a metamorphosing moth (“Larvae, you stay”); Jinkx is a stunning art gallery of Picasso, Monét, Warhol and Klimt (which leaves Ru ver-klimt); Monét is serving a journey of black empowerment; and Trinity, queen of the pussy reveal, is bedecked in a floral fantasy.

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Next, it’s time to watch the dance challenge videos. Shea performs the Shea’k Down; Jaida gives moves for paparazzi-avoiding divas; Viv serves Can’t Dance, Who Cares (on brand!) in her viveo; Raja teaches the R.A.J.A (radical radiance, affirmations, joy and awakening); Yvie is the patron saint of angsty teens and queerdo’s (describing herself as “moldy fruit snacks under the bed”); Jinkx performs the Monsoon Munchie, a sensual and useful dance to attract your adult son’s male friends; Monét is the Monéy Exchange to the tune of “Freaky Money”; and Trinity gives the steps for the Tucking Dance Challenge, which starts with a roll of duct tape and the instructions to Rip It and Grip It. TikTok here we come!

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The judges especially loved Jinkx, who rightfully lands in the top two. She is joined by Monét (although I would have opted for Jaida). They perform the first-ever spoken word lip sync to Dixie Carter’s “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” speech from Designing Women. Both slay and Monét ekes out the win. She bestows the feared plunger on Raja, who will now learn its terrifying secrets.

That’s it for this week. Jinkx is really at the head of the pack. Monét is beginning her stealth come-from-behind climb to the top. And everyone’s just a little bit crazy because the end is quickly approaching. Stay tuned for next week’s episode, the Kennedy Davenport Center Honors Hall of Shade. Bring your weenies because this is going to be an epic roast!

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