Trinity K. Bonet is basking in last week’s win and her newfound status as front-runner. (Cue the ominous dark clouds.). As Ra’Jah tells her, “This win was so deserving. You did what needed to be done except for put a bobby pin in” (recall the wig drop!).
Ginger Minj reminds Trinity that she has two wins but hasn’t won a lip sync yet. Trinity warns Pandora Boxx that she better be louder than Eureka from here on out. And with this, the outcome is signed, sealed and delivered. Ru sends out more signals than the Titanic! -.– .- … –..– / –.- ..- . . – (Yas, Queen!)
The queens proceed to justify their votes from last week that sent Jan home and saved Pandora. Pandora is not here for it and warns those who voted against her (like Eureka) that they best not be in the bottom. Okurrr!
Ru announces that tonight’s remaining six queens will play Snatch Game of Love, each impersonating a celebrity in a Dating Game format. The guest judge is the “Queen Mother” Tina Knowles Lawson (think Bey hive). Trinity, who basically IS Beyoncé, feels one step closer to her. “That’s like meeting God,” she coos. I’m visualizing God in a body suit. Can I get an amen up in here?
In the first round of Snatch Game, Phyllis Diller (Ginger), Whitney Houston (Trinity) and Dolly Parton (Kylie) compete for Cheyenne Jackson’s affections. (Count me in too!) Ginger and Kylie completely slay—they are quick, funny and look great. Poor Trinity looks great but that’s all. She is not quick and funny and is completely squeezed out. She has nothing. Ru had warned her that Whitney is not funny (except that she has nothing).
In the second round, Divine (Eureka), Kim Cattrall (Pandora) and La Toya Jackson (Ra’Jah) compete for Fortune Feimster’s hand. Eureka is disgusting, but in character, and Ra’Jah plays her role perfectly. Pandora looks good and is not funny. Ru has known La Toya for 25 years and early on feeds Ra’Jah a La Toya-ism (“I like sushi, but not fish or rice”) that she later runs with (“I’m a fitness expert, but I don’t like to work out”). Woe to those who do not heed Ru’s advice! Ru the day!
The runway theme is Pop Art, so we see lots of the queens’ repeated images on fabric a lá Andy Warhol. The judges’ critiques are withering for Trinity. Ru feeds her a joke that she muffed earlier, Trinity muffs it again, and Ru laughs at her. I love a good laugh, but this is probably the most unpleasant moment this season. Trinity, trying to hold his head high, is crushed. “Not in front of Miss Tina,” he laments. Boo!
Ginger Minj is declared the winner, vaulting her into front runner status. (That was an an Olympics reference!) She goes up against this week’s sssoft, sssupple and sssibilant lip sssync assassin Heidi N. Closet. They perform to “Sugar Walls” by Sheena Easton, Ginger walks away with the win and $20,000 dolas, and she sends Pandora Boxx packing. Next week’s lipstick tally should be a thing.
So here we are: five queens remaining and eight eliminated queens standing by for the Game Within a Game. Stay tuned for all the excitement! Now go out and impress your friends with your deep Drag Race knowledge. Tell them you learned everything you know from Gay Desert Guide!
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Favorite comments:
“Well, I might be a little like f**k you.” — Pandora to Eureka, on whether she can get past last week’s vote.
“There’s a name I hoped I wouldn’t hear again!” – Ru to Heidi N. Closet, whose name she urged her to change (Heidi Ho, Heidi N Seeky, Heidi Hydrates, and Heidi Afrodite were all suggested).