As Ginger Minj enters the werkroom $30,000 richer, the queens want to count those lipsticks in the ballot box. We learn that Jan and Scarlet each received four votes, meaning that it’s not clear who Mayhem Miller would have sent home last week had she won the lip sync challenge. Drama!
Jan is shook. The queens remind her that the assignment was to be yourself, not a character. Unfortunately, 110% energy IS her character: Fake Jan. Surprisingly, Ginger admitted that she nearly sent home Kylie last week rather than Scarlet. This is interesting because there were zero Kylie lipsticks in the ballot box!
Ru announces that the maxi challenge this week is to act in “Ru-Merican Horror Story: Coven Girls.” Each queen will be a witch, but which bitch will play which witch? One role is clear: Jan will play a schoolgirl model/gleek named Leah (Leah Michele from Glee). (You do NOT want to know how many times I tried to be named Gleek of the Week…) As Pandora notes, Jan IS the Rachel Berry of drag and is naturally annoying and peppy. Um, thank you?
The guest judge this week is Emma Roberts, who appeared in American Horror Story: Coven as Madison Montgomery, a young witch who threatens Jessica Lange’s supremacy. Truly Ru’s worst nightmare. Boo!
Angela Bassett beams in from outer space via FaceTime to answer the queens’ questions on acting. (As Trinity says, “She looks like a coin!” She is *gorge*.) A’Keria asks what is the craziest thing that Ryan Murphy ever asked her to do. Answer: she was asked to have three titties and a ding-a-ling for her Freak Show character! This may be shade because three titties and a ding-a-ling sounds suspiciously like Drag Race!
Following rehearsals, we see Trinity and Eureka canoodling à la Miss Vanjie and Brook Lynn Hytes, because Eureka, we learn, is a sex magnet. On the main stage, the runway category is “Oh My Goth!” The queens are swathed in black, except Kylie, who is basically nude, wrapped in criss-crossed black bands.
And Kylie is named this week’s winner, her first Drag Race victory ever! Six episodes, six different winners! The bottom two are Ra’Jah and A’Keria (a bad day for queens with an apostrophe in their name!). A’Keria fears she is the victim of a hoodoo voodoo spell. (Ask me about my spiritual cleansing bath.) Kylie will lip sync against guest assassin/icon Manila Luzon to “Dirrty” by Christina Aguilera.
Kylie absolutely slays the lip sync with two backflips into splits. She has chosen to send A’Keria C. Davenport home, who I hope will be on her game for the game within a game!
I hope y’all are watching the show to see the fabulous runway lewks and challenges! If not, I’m always here for you. Now sashay away! ?
– –
“I think she has a resurrection!” – guest judge Emma Roberts on Jan’s runway
“The devil wears nada.” – Ru on Kylie’s runway
“I thought you were dead, Grizzly Madams!” – A’Keria to bearded witch Eureka