Well, here we are at the Grand Finale of Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars season 6! No more games within a game or returning eliminated queens. No more!  Top Four! 

The queens reminisce on previous losses as they visualize victory. Ra’Jah can see the crown shining. “I’m almost there,” she says as she breaks into her signature “Oh my God” hymn (which is exactly three notes). 🎶 (Available on Apple.)

Ru enters the werkroom in a floral cowboy suit and announces the maxi challenge theme: the queens will collaborate on and write their own lyrics to Ru’s new country song “This Is Our Country.”  A country song, Ru explains, is “three chords and the truth.  I provide the chords.” 

Tanya Tucker materializes to inspire the finalists with her long journey to a Grammy (for “Bring My Flowers Now,” which maybe explains Ru’s suit) after nine previous nominations. She never gave up and ran the dream down! She’ll add vocals to the track. 

We are reminded that all four queens hail from the South and have connections to country music. Eureka and Kylie describe the bias they felt arriving in LA with twangs. Ra’Jah determines that she must address race, racism, equality, justice, freedom AND a message of hope in her allotted four bars of music. Oh My God 🎶 !

Choreography rehearsals are held with hunky Jamal Sims. He tries to elicit Kylie’s “roadhouse backroad cowgirl b*tch attitude” for her performance. From Ginger Minj, he wants to access her inner sex kitten. She promptly coughs up a fur ball. 

Ru and Michele Visage invite each queen to join them for the “Inside All Stars Interview,” famous for the legendary bowl of untouched Tic-Tacs. (They’re red!!) The queens all lavish praise on the Queen Mother, who beams with pride and profit. 

The runway theme is “All Star Hall of Fame Eleganza Extravaganza,” meaning you better turn it out!  Eureka appears in a “Bob Snackie” original.  Ginger is “origami mommy, Kylie is dressed in the American flag, and Ra’Jah is a purple queen in aubergine. 🍆 (Yes, an eggplant! We’re not on Scruff!)

My favorite moment in the critiques is when Ross Mathews compares Kylie’s gender transition to a reversible bomber jacket he once bought at a mall. Yes, exactly! “I love us,” says Ru as she sits with Michele, Ross and Carson Kressley. I do too! 

Reigning All Star queen Shea Couleé beams in from a faraway galaxy to pass the crown to the winner. (‘She’s actually in Pacoima,” notes Ru.)  The final four must now all lip sync, one at a time, to “Stupid Love” by Lady Gaga. The highlight is when Kylie’s heel catches on her thrown frock and she tumbles into a seamless somersault and stretch pose. And that’s enough to tell you that the winner of All Stars season 6 and newest inductee into the Drag Race Hall of Fame is….

Kylie Sonique Love!! She is thrilled. It’s herstoric, fabulous and very moving. I’m living for it. Her parting words:  “Live life in your truth and love always wins.” Congrats Kylie! Well deserved. And props to Eureka, Ra’Jah, Ginger and all the queens for a great season! You’re all fierce. 

* * *

I’d like to thank my best squirrel friends, Tom and Charles, for checking my recap each week and offering fabulous suggestions, some of which I even considered! ❤️ Thanks to Brad and Jonathan at GDG for publishing and posting my column.  I hope you all enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing you next season. And with that, I will sashay away. Live in love. 🧡💛💚💙