While this episode wasn’t as sick as last week’s, it provides the necessary transition to next week’s finale. It could have ended on a fabulous note but it didn’t. So I’m not gooped and gagged, but I’m still living.

We find out right off the bat that Eureka won last week’s smackdown against Silky Nutmeg Ganache. Eureka will join the four remaining queens as they near the crown. Silky is proclaimed as legendary by Ru and I agree. Silky thought it was over six episodes ago and she’s justifiably proud of her six wins. As Ru instructs her to sashay away, she asks, “You sure? You sure?” She sure!

Eureka is, of course, thrilled at the outcome. She’s ready to slay:  “When a door opens for you, you go in a-twirling!”

The four queens wait for Ru to inform them who’s returning. As Kylie points out, “We are one week away from the finale and someone who had already done had herses is coming back!” Ru asks if they want to know who’s returning and Trinity K. Bonet responds, “Not really.” They all warmly welcome Eureka back.

First we have a mini challenge called Pride Photo Op, which involves Levi’s Pride Line, which includes lots of rainbows and sparkles. Kylie Sonique Love wins. For the maxi challenge, the queens will tell true stories from their lives as drag queens in the “Courage, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent Monologues.” If you don’t get it, Ginger Minj will explain it to you.

Eureka believes that if she doesn’t win the challenge, the other queens will vote her off. Trinity is scared because she knows she’s been on the bottom the most times and fears she will be voted off. After rehearsals, Eureka gets real with Trinity and tells him that his flirty, cute attention has meant a lot to him (in the masculine gender) because he doesn’t often get much of it. I’m feeling an ominous wind blowing.

On to the Monologues. Trinity’s is entitled “Bamboozled,” a story of being catfished with a poignant ending of lives saved by Ru. Kylie tells the story of “First Time,” when she was introduced to drag after returning from military school where he had been sent to butch up.

Ginger’s story is “My Ruby Slippers,” a gift from her mother after the humiliation of her father witnessing her trying on her mother’s shoes. Ra’Jah O’Hara tells the tale of “Bunny Tails,” when her tuck slipped out and the tape was flapping behind her.

Finally, Eureka tells the story of “A Benefit for Boom Boom,” which involves four corn dogs, gastric distress and a highly unfortunate accident on stage.

On the runway, the theme is “Oops, I Did It Again”:  fashionable fashion fails. The looks are fun, the critiques are provided by the judges, and Ru announces that the winner of the maxi challenge is our Rudemption queen Eureka! Her first win of the season certainly couldn’t have come at a better time.

This is very bad news for poor Trinity. Last week she was a top four finalist and now she’s at risk of being sent home because of her track record. “So close,” she weeps. “It’s not fair.” I ❤️  Trinity.

Following the lipstick ballot box voting, Eureka faces her lip sync assassin, season 12 winner Jaida Essence Hall. They perform to “Good Golly Miss Molly” by Little Richard.  And the winner is…. It’s a tie! Both win, meaning that the queens on both lipsticks (Eureka’s and the collective four bottom queens’) will be eliminated.

Jaida’s lipstick reads Trinity, reflecting the group vote. Eureka, who could have tried to save her love interest, maybe eliminate a more competitive queen and reduce the final four to three, also votes off Trinity. I found this to be a missed dramatic moment that would have elevated the episode.

So next week we have the grand finale with Miss Ra’Jah, Kylie, Ginger and Eureka. It’s going to be tight: each has been regarded as a top contender for the crown throughout the season. So whose team are you on? I’ve tried to be neutral, but my choice is…. Find out next Friday on my weekly recap! Can I get an amen up in here?

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Favorite comments:

“Gay by birth, fabulous by choice” and “We’re all born naked and the rest is public transportation. Is the bus still running?” – Ru, as he’s snapping pix during the Pride photo op.

“No one likes a shitty kitty.” – Eureka, on the Corn Dog Incident.