And we have a sore winner: Jasmine Kennedie, who sent home Maddy Morphosis “just as she said she would.” “That was easy,” she brags. In regards to her explosive tantrum last week, she explains that “we had a moment.” (Yes, and World War II was a minor spat!) But her soreness doesn’t hold a candle to Daya Betty’s bitterness.

Daya tells last week’s winner Jorgeous (yay!) that she’s proud of her and pays her a compliment: “That’s the sexiest napkin I’ve ever seen.” She adds that Jorgeous doesn’t deserve to be in the top when she’s only safe. “It was just fabric!” whines Daya, an instant iconic read. Kerri Colby says that Daya is “boo-boo hurt.” Jasmine has a piece of advice for Daya: “Stop being a sourpuss and stop giving Crystal Methyd!”

It’s a new day in the werkroom and Daya apologizes to Jorgeous. Jasmine is not having it: “That apology is faker than my breastplate!” Ru enters and reminds the queens that they’re about half way through the race. In tonight’s maxi challenge, they will demonstrate their acting chops in the new Drag Race drama “The Daytona Wind.”

The drama centers on three rival Drag Race families: the O’Haras, the Davenports, and the Michaels. The queens “will work with one of the most demanding directors working in Hollywood today”: that son-of-a-bitch….Ru! Jorgeous will assign roles. I’d like to be on that casting couch!

Following a script reading in the werkroom, the queens begin to shoot the film. Ru encourages them to adhere to the Joan Collins School of Acting, which is based on one principle: camera angle. Jorgeous gets the message and utilizes face acting techniques picked up from telenovelas. Good performances are plucked from all, except perhaps Angeria Paris VanMichaels, who has an uncharacteristically weak showing.

It’s Elimination Day and the runway theme will be Chaps on the Runway. This leads to a tutorial on the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, something our queens are familiar with except for Angeria. After hearing what goes on there, she exclaims, “I want to go to the fair!” Get that girl some cotton candy!

Before the runway, Ru asks the judges what their own soap opera would be. Michelle Visage’s is The Hung and the Breastless; Ross Mathews’ is General Rosspital or Gays of our Lives; and guest judge and transgender activist TS Madison’s is I Dream of Weenie. Yes master!

On the runway, we see Willow with an atomic wedgie; Bosco in pink leather; DeJa in blue cheetah; Kerri in a hair suit; Jorgeous straight from the Frederick’s of Hollywood Rodeo; Angeria as “Cher of the future;” Jasmine in graduation drag (“She got her B.A.—Big Ass”); Lady Camden, in an epic reveal, as Freddie Mercury (“If you stay Freddie, you ain’t gotta get Freddie,’ says TS; “Bohemian Chapsody,” adds Ross); and Daya, who’s “business on top and whore on the bottom.”

Ru introduces the “director’s cut” of The Daytona Wind. There’s something in the air, something silent but violent, something that if you smelt it, you dealt it. Yes, unbeknownst to the queens, the film has been intercut with farting noises! Hilarity ensues and Ru is in hersterics.

Ru announces that DeJa, Kerri and Angeria are safe; all the others are in the top, no bottoms. (Ha!) The top two will lip sync for the win; Lady Camden and Daya Betty, who has redeemed herself tonight. They perform to “One Way or Another” by Blondie. Lady Camden slays with her dance moves and wins the evening. The Lady is a Champ!

Later, on Untucked, we have a very emotional and powerful scene. The subject is transitioning and Bosco and Jasmine Kennedie say they have thought about it. Jasmine, though, breaks down and admits for the first time that she was ready to begin hormone therapy. Now, she is overwhelmingly inspired by the truth and beauty of Kerri Colby’s gender to embark on her own journey to be who she is. The discussion of transgender identity and transitioning adds an important layer to appreciating drag.

On that note, be your best self and live your own truth, not somebody else’s. Drag is funny, drag is powerful and drag is complex. I’m here for it. Can I get an amen up in here?