Fourteen queens and 42 looks — in one episode! The Week One and Two queens meet up for the first time in a “clash of the titans — the royal battle of bad bitchery,” as Kerri Colby proclaims. As the Week Two queens process last week, Alicia Keys (in the Magic Makeup Mirror) instructs them to “look over there!” And as Angeria says, “It’s the other ho’s.”

The remaining 12 queens all greet each other before Ru announces there are two MORE queens. Yes, Orion Story and Daya Betty, the first two queens to be sent home, are being given a second chance. Yay! There’s also a new twist this season: each queen picks a candy bar, one of which is a gold bar that can save a queen in from elimination.

The maxi challenge this week is two fashion balls split between the queens. The Hide n’ Chic Ball consists of three looks: Zebra Print Resort, Leopard Evening Wear and Animal Print: Bridal Couture. The Red, White and Blue Ball’s three looks are Red Hot Resort, Evening Wear: Why It Gotta Be White and Red, White and Blue Bridal Couture. So, fourteen queens, three looks each, forty two runways!

In the werkroom, the Week Two queens are just finding out that Maddy is straight. A big dragonfly is spotted on the floor and Kornbread challenges Daya Betty (who he has been calling Daya Bettic) to eat it for $1,000 dollas. Crunch. Done. Kornbread also is bonding with Willow Pill, who was having difficulty using her hands for sewing because of her medical condition. I stan helpful queens!

On Ball Day, Kornbread is very teary when remembering how he was cast out by his family during high school. We also learn that Orion Story’s mom killed herself as a result of bipolar depression. With the emotional landscape laid out, it’s time for the Balls.

Fave comments from the Red, White and Blue Ball: “She’s Betsy Ross Matthews!” (Daya); “She’s Betsy Ross Dress4Less!” (Maddy). (Ross is off this week but there in spirit!) Jasmine gives off crustacean chic in her red lobster look because she has a “claws in her contract”. With all the flag looks, we thus pay tribute to Old Glory (Hole).

Angeria is “red for filth” in resort wear. In leopard print, Willow is Gypsy Wose Wee; Kerri reminds Ru of his favorite TV show, Leopardy; and June is lamé-zing. Willow is sensational tonight and wins the maxi challenge. Ru asks her where she got her sense of style. “I explored bad taste for so long that I ended up getting good taste,” she replies.

In the bottom two are June Jambalaya and Maddy Morphosis lip syncing to “I Love It” by Kylie Minogue. June has a rough time of it (note: never throw off your shoes!), which is enough for Maddy to squeak by and shantay. June has one last chance to be safe — the candy bar — but it’s chocolate and she has to sashay away. This officially makes June the first queen to be sent home.

Stay tuned for next week because the teaser shows that none other than JLo will be on board! And remember, as we are told: don’t look for where you fit in. Look for where you stand out. Can I get an amen up in here? Now let the music play!