Live from the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, it’s the reunion of our season 14 queens! The Flamingo is the site of Ru’s live drag show and will also host next week’s finale. So we begin with Ru’s familiar command: Bring back my girls!

First on the runway are our eliminated queens: June Jambalaya, Alyssa Hunter, Kornbread (left because of injury), Orion Story, Maddy Morphosis, Kerri Colby, Jasmine Kennedie, DeJa Skye and Jorgeous. They are followed by the Final Five: Angeria Paris VanMicheals, Bosco, Daya Betty, Lady Camden and Willow Pill. This would be a great time to refresh your memory with my previous recaps!

Reunited and it feels so good! Ru says that the season’s cast was “so lovable that he didn’t want to send anybody home.” This was a notoriously long season because of the many episodes where no one sashayed away. We are then treated to highlights from the season, all familiar to my loyal readers.

The queens chat about their new found international fame and being recognized in public. We find out that Jorgeous and Kerri Colby opened for Jennifer Lopez! After all, Jorgeous IS JLo and Kerri wore the iconic green Versace dress. Remember episode 4 “Night of a 1000 JLo’s”?

We then get a video montage of all the chocolate candy bar openings up through Bosco’s triumphant gold bar. June became the meme queen for the first sad “It’s chocolate” reaction. She’s happy to own it, but she wishes she wasn’t in her pussycat wig. Let that be a lesson to all of you: always have your hair ready for viral social media fame!

And now for the main event: Clash of the Queens! One must always add fuel to a fire, so we relive several of the season’s feuds. First up, Jasmine vs Kornbread and the “you talk but don’t listen” fuss. And Jasmine is still cutting Kornbread off! Lady Camden notes that Jasmine was always able to pick up and carry on, calling her a “resilient cockroach.” Now I have to find a new password!

Jasmine features again in her feud with Daya. Daya “dragged Jasmine for nine weeks” and Jasmine reads her for filth. Daya’s “no offense” disclaimers after her insults are highlighted. Daya cries over the bad reputation she has developed from her aggressive behavior, but unfortunately this has resulted in fan revolt and death threats. #sucks

Next up, Ru chats with the trade of the season, Alyssa Hunter. The queens want to know details about this hottie (he’s single), but they’ve also been “birdwatching” and want to know how big it is. She replies, “It’s Puerto Rican.” Gurl!

We learn there were two “show-mances” during the season. The first was Jorgeous and Orion Story, although we hear it was chaste. (If I was Orion, Jorgeous would be chased!) Jorgeous hasn’t answered any of the queens’ texts because she’s so “busted busy.” It’s easier to reach the President, they agree. Kornbread and Willow declare themselves soulmates. Kornbread even has a tattoo of Willow! Speaking of which, Ru reveals he also has a tattoo: a tramp stamp of Michelle Visage.

Another clash is between Maddy and Jasmine (you’ll notice the common denominator here) and her superior NYC attitude. Maddy described the fan reaction to identifying as straight as very polarizing. Jasmine, as you might recall, tearfully came out as trans earlier in the season. After the season was over, Bosco, Kornbread and Willow all came out as trans. Kerri is proud of her new “tran-gels.” The last clash revives the Bosco vs. Lady Camden fight over who would play Saltine in “Moulin Ru.”

After a round of ‘toot or boot” of some of the season’s lewks, the Golden Boot Award is presented by previous recipient LaLa Ri (famed for her iconically bad bag dress) to Maddy Morphosis for her “Maddy and Daddy Morphosis” ensemble. “You truly earned that award,” says Ru.

Next, the library is open for a few reads. Maddy suggests that because her time on the show was so short, June Jambalaya should change her name to February. Kornbread notes how kind and helpful DeJa was all season. “You and Jesus have something in common: you both have 12 followers.”

The final queens finish up with some highs and lows, reminding us of the glory of Willow’s spaghetti bath and the flop of Angeria’s Snatch Game portrayal of Tammie Brown. But all of this is now herstory. It’s time for the Grande Finale! Tune in next Friday to see who takes home the crown!