The queens parade into the werkroom led by Daya Betty, who survived last week’s double elimination. Willow Pill says that they’re all shook up—“This is only the third time this has happened in Drag Race herstory.”

As Bosco sums it up, Daya has “sent home literally half the cast!” Bosco’s feeling renewed and lit. Willow peels her prosthetic red lips off, which appear to resemble chicken tenders. The pressure is on! (Which reminds me, I think I’ll throw some tenders into the Instapot!)

This week, Angeria Paris VanMichaels shares another herstoric tidbit: this is the first top 5 with two queens who were eliminated (Daya and Bosco). You might recall that Daya went home in week 2 but was invited back. Bosco was saved by a gold candy bar. It’s all about Ru-demption!

Ru enters to greet his “Ferocious Five” and announce the maxi challenge. They will be the stars of a music video, “Catwalk,” inspired by the George Michaels “Too Funky” video. It’s a celebration of “that rare species: the supermodel.” Each queen will write and record original lyrics, learn the choreo and design catwalk couture for the main runway.

In the werkroom, the queens werk on their lyrics and designs. Lady Camden plans to channel Linda Evangelista. She’s going for an “underground fairy raver” lewk, sort of a “messed up Tinkerbell.” I do believe in fairies, I do, I do! Bosco will forgo his usual panty and corset uniform (meaning he’ll probably be stark naked!). Angeria raps a couple of lines of her lyric, while Willow holds her cards close to her chest! With her, it’s all about strategery.

Next up is the Tic Tac Chat with Ru and Michelle (orange, to those who care!). My favorite line was Daya saying, “I saw myself being here for sure,” and Ru responding, “I did not.” The other queens shared their personal challenges. Ru did not share his Tic Tacs.

It’s music video shoot day. The outfits the queens designed are magically delivered to them. Willow describes Bosco’s look as “soccer mom in space.” Angeria is on the “struggle bus” with the choreo. Michelle suggests she should get down on her knees and crawl. Angeria ignores the note, which Daya picks up and completely slays. Always listen to the judges!! The queens move from rehearsal to shoot in minutes and deliver an entertainting video.

On the main stage, the category is “You’re a Winner Baby.” Bosco is channeling Marilyn and Madonna with a glittery lewk, or as Carson Kressley says, “I think they call it a glitteris.” Angeria slays in black, Lady Camden delivers pure glamour, and Daya turnt it in a burnt Victorian dress with a front bustle. As Bosco says of Daya, “She clawed her way to the top off of talent and pure hatred of Jasmine.” Willow is a rat princess, which Michelle says looks a little cheesy.

After judges’ critiques, the queens talk to photos of their younger selves, delivering words of hope and encouragement. Willow is forthright the whole episode about her serious health struggles and her mortality. Her star burns bright.

Ru announces her decisions and declares Lady Camden the winner. Daya and Bosco are safe. This leaves BFFs Angeria and Willow to lip sync for their lives to “Telephone” by Lady Gaga + Beyoncé. I found it very unlikely that Ru would send either home, so in keeping with the season’s trend, both get to hear “shantay, you stay.”

This means that for the first time in Drag Race herstory, five queens will compete in the finale in two weeks. The first place purse is now $150,000 and the runner up will receive $50,000. So which team are you on? Oh, make that six queens!

I’ll be back with a recap of the reunion episode before the grand finale. Should be juicy! So drink your juice, Shelby. Bye!