The queens return to the werkroom to find the mirror completely filled with a lipstick message. Yes, it’s the loquacious Jasmine Kennedie, last week’s eliminated queen, with her parting tome (I mean words). Bosco is concerned that there isn’t enough cleaner to get it all off the mirror!

Of course, Jasmine throws in a bit of shade. “I hope Angeria (Paris VanMichaels), Jorgeous and DeJa (Skye) go all the way!”, she says Daya-bolically. Cue the quadruple eye roll from Daya Betty! Jasmine now holds the record as the most lip-synced diva in Drag Race herstory after last week’s LaLaPaRuza.

In my mandatory Favorite Quote from Jorgeous (FQJ) segment of the recap, DeJa asks the ladies if they took away anything from Snatch Game. “I didn’t learn shit,” replies Jorgeous.

This week’s maxi challenge takes us to Gay Paree, where the queens will perform in the romantic “Moulin Ru: The Rusical.” Plum roles include Saltine, a tragic showgirl (surely a part Miz Cracker or Dida Ritz was born to play); Mama Z, the bearded queen who owns the Moulin Ru; the Green Fairy (Michelle Visage’s favorite color!); and four Moulin Ru-girls named Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent.

Angeria, Daya, DeJa and Jorgeous choose the Ru-girl roles, with Willow Pill as the Green Fairy. The big drama is who will play the lead role of Saltine. Bosco and Lady Camden have put their four stilettoed feet down that they will not relinquish this star-making opportunity. The queens put it up to a vote, which Daya helpfully offers to tally.

The result is a 2-2 tie with Willow left as the deciding vote. She thinks Bosco should take the lead role, believing Lady Camden will do just fine as Mama Z. There’s a lot of tension, Lady C is pissed off, and Bosco is left with the heavy lift of the starring role. Be careful what you wish for!

It’s off to rehearsal, where our favorite pocket gay, the adorbs Leslie Jordan, is seated as director. He reminds us that he performed in drag in Atlanta in the 1970s (before Ru!) as the sweet and petite Miss Baby Wipes! Jorgeous, at a height of 5’2, has met someone she can tower over; Leslie is 4’11!

On performance day, Lady Camden is feeling very happy about her role as Mama Z. Giving up the lead role of Saltine may have been a blessing in disguise. Jorgeous tells us that she never got into musical theatre because she found it annoying (!). Her dance moves were influenced by the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” DeJa admits that she has never taken a dance class. “I can tell,” sniffs Jorgeous.

The queens are now set to perform in the Rusical, with judges Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews and the radiant Andra Day. After the Ru-girls and Mama Z kick off the show, Saltine enters, torn between two suitors fighting for her hand: artist Leland and Leslie Jordan as the Duke of Dickington. Finally, the Green Fairy appears as a hallelu-cination and brings down the house. All of the songs are hot takes on Ru’s own songs.

On the runway, the category is Mirror Mirror. Notable lewks include Angeria as a “galactic mermaid queen.” Her mirrored mosaic dress is praised by Andra Day as perfect and iconic. The judges ding Bosco for wearing a corset and panty for the fourth time. Daya is wearing a spiked homage to KISS. Ross Matthews observes that she’s looking sharp and needs a hug.

After the critiques, Ru asks the seven queens who should go home tonight. They all select Bosco, who is a victim of her own hubris and ambition. Bosco selects Jorgeous (who notes that Bosco was in the bottom three times in the last episode). Michelle Visage says that the problem with Bosco’s Saltine was that it was gluten free.

The winner this week is Lady Camden, who may have lost the battle but won the war. Daya, Willow, Angeria and DeJa are safe. This leaves Bosco and Jorgeous to lip sync for their lives. Bosco tartly notes that Ru is probably an organ donor for Jorgeous because he’s so obsessed with her. They face off to a remix of “Heartbreak House” by Whitney Houston, and courtesy of Ru’s organ, Jorgeous is victorious.

However, all is not lost for Bosco. She opens her magic chocolate bar and it’s…. gold! This saves her from elimination and she’ll be back next week to participate in a roast of our very own Ross Matthews!

Until then, props to Cathedral City for the fabulous LGBT Days events and drag contest! What better place for this Kitty Girl than Cat City? See you kittens next week!